By: Revanche

Reclamation, and what was I thinking?

August 18, 2008

A whole pile of old clothing that I was sure I’d Goodwilled last year turned up in an older suitcase that I haven’t used in years. It’s a backpack zipped onto another backpack style, so I use that one for international or very long lengthy trips. (*sigh* Memories of my trip to Italy so many many moons ago.) As it turns out, that purple dress I was lamenting the sacrifice of was part of that pile, and I sorted through the clothes juuuust to be sure that there was nothing in there that I regretted purging. There was just one pair of cargo pants I’d outgrown, but strangely fit again, that I need to take needle and thread to, and a very light blue and white dress I might just want as a beach cover-up.

The rest of the clothing definitely needs to go to another home. Good grief, I found clothes in there from junior high and early high school years and I can’t believe I wore that stuff! Nothing was completely-and-totally hideous, but they were all slightly ill-fitting. I was too small for regular sizes and hadn’t discovered the tailor; that didn’t happen until after college. Yes, I am a total late bloomer. Heck, I’m still not sure I’ve bloomed completely! Also, it seems there’s physical evidence that I used to believe in buying things that were a bargain because they were on sale. Thank heavens I’ve outgrown that phase. I just wish that my mother had taught me not to do that in the first place, y’know?

It’s a huge relief to understand now that it’s worth paying a bit more for something higher quality, that’s very close to my size, and paying a bit more on top of that to have it fitted to my body. Let’s face it, I’m never going to be a standard size, very few of us actually are, so it just makes sense not to buy a whole lot of junk in search of a few good pieces.

Lessons learned.

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