By: Revanche

War wounds

August 5, 2008

Tell me honestly, now, is it really weird that when I sustain a really fantastic-looking injury, I want to show people? I’ve got a newish 1 inch by 2 inch gash across the top of my foot from an altercation with an unfinished edge of a desk, and I had to fight the urge to snap a photo and share it. It’s mostly a morbid fascination that’s probably not shared by the world at large.

Also, my feet are now massive blisters from walking home in completely inappropriate sandals. They’re fine for kicking around, but not power-walking, I guess. Ow.

Votes: juvenile? or do you share cuts and bruises, too?

(seriously, I want to know if you think it’s weird, but don’t think I’m not secretly hoping you’ll all come out of the woodwork with stories to share.)

7 Responses to “War wounds”

  1. Karen says:

    When I played one game of kickball last year, I sustained some injuries (yes, I am pathetic). One was a big goose egg on my knee. I sent MMSs of it to people. I sent pics because hey, I got injured playing kickball. LOL

  2. I’d share it in person if someone asked… but not take a pic and post it

    *shiver* I hate cuts/wounds

  3. So my answer is: Yes a bit creepy, hon.

  4. Ha! I do this. I call them my “battle wounds,” whether it was falling over while diving for a ball in tennis or falling on my ass in the ice. I secretly hoep that someday I get a black eye so I can show it off.

    I don’t usually get cut, so normally I’m just showing off bruises.

  5. Revanche says:

    karen: that’s awesome. Kickball’s dangerous. I hurt myself sleeping, sometimes.

    FB: 🙂 I don’t love sustaining them, but if I have to have evidence ….

    paranoidasteroid: heheh, yeah, I only want bruises that are worthy of showing off. Cuts I’m getting more often as I get older and clumsier.

  6. Katie C. says:

    I think this desire is shared by many! Just see my Twitter account for a photo of the 1st-attempt-at-an-IV bruise I sustained last Thursday. I also immediately took off my jacket yesterday at work and went around to everyone’s desk to show off the bruise.

  7. […] So the scar is pretty spectacular. I mean, the surgical site and incision is, anyway, it’s not a scar yet. But that’s starting at the end, or what is currently the “end” of a story that we’re still in the middle of. And I confess to be tempted to show you a photo but I have been accused of being gross for such things before. […]

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