By: Revanche

Weekend Recap

August 4, 2008

Is it because I’m tired, or because I did too much this weekend that I can’t remember Saturday?

I can’t tell, I’m too tired.

Starting from Sunday, then.

Finally got a load of laundry done, it’s been too long. Spent a lot of time on the computer doing work stuff (like … bloggy stuff), and then ran out to take my cousin to see Dark Knight for her birthday. Luckily, I’d purchased a bulk lot of cheap movie tickets last year for $5.75 right before the prices skyrocketed, and so our movies were paid for. We shared a bagel sandwich with water for $6.99. I smiled because she’d brought a huge bottle of Gatorade and snacks with her so she wouldn’t have to buy drinks or candy. There’s a girl after my own heart.

Then we did a typical cousin hangout at her place: her mom had cooked random Asian foods, we (I) ate too much, noshed on fresh mango and carrot cake. We lolled about reading comic books from the library, played her brother‘s iPhone app games, and gossiped. I also loaded up on free calculus books so I could start reviewing some of the concepts in case I need it for the GMAT or biz school. They were destined to be donated to the library, so I’ll take them there once I’m through with them.

Spent the rest of the evening having dinner (#2) with East Coast friend and her family. EC friend is only in town for a day as she’s stopping here on her way to spend a whole blessed week in Hawaii with her family. *sigh* Lucky, lucky girl.

Oh I remember Saturday, now. Errands, mostly. It cost $50 to nearly fill up my tank. Spent $11 on personal grooming, another $6 on postage for the keys, exchanged some particularly noxious lotion at Bath and Body Works for a much more pleasant scent, and spent the entire afternoon at Borders. Half the time was spent on catch-up work because I’d gotten completely distracted on Friday by news from EC friend, and half was spent doing some background reading, related to the news from EC friend. I can’t really talk about it, not for a while, but I’m super excited about it. Also, nervous.

Had dinner at Cheesecake Factory, shared a pasta dish with a friend’s friend so it should have only cost $8 per person with tax and tip, but friend picked it up before we could contribute.

All told, I spent $24 out of pocket this weekend, and didn’t manage to tame my shaggy locks.

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  1. Sounds like your weekend was fun AND a bit productive

    I gotta get my hair chopped too… someday…

  2. Revanche says:

    FB: Yep! Although it was a little disturbing I couldn’t remember Saturday for a while … 😛

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