By: Revanche

8 hours of relaxation: $71

September 15, 2008

I put all other stressful parts of my life on hold yesterday starting at 2 pm. I didn’t take work with me, as I always do “in case of down time,” and I resolved not to even worry about getting back in time to put in another two hours of work. I was going to spend time with friends, end of story.

It was amazing.

I had organized a mini-massage day at a girlfriend’s house since we sickies were in sore need. My masseuse friend was happy to make a house call for me and two other friends, and a fourth came over just to spend time with us because she couldn’t afford the massage. She was recently laid off due to governmental budget cuts, so hosting friend and I agreed to split the cost of her massage to treat her.
At $40/hour, it was the right thing to do: she’s been searching for a job since July, on unemployment, and I could swing half the cost, as could hosting friend.

All in all, masseuse friend worked for four hours, with a nice break in between, so I know that helped her financially. I got to catch up with masseuse friend during my massage, we spoiled four hung out, chatted, ate Godiva chocolates and potatos chips and watched football. And a LOT of Food Network. Did you know that Alton Brown has yet another “Feasting on …” show? And I finally saw Dinner Impossible.

After the massages, we had an impromptu pizza party, AND I made use of hosting friend’s multifunction, multipage scanner to scan two inches worth of auto insurance and Rollover IRA documents. Which, I hasten to add, was not work, it was organizational and I loooove organizing. It’s good for my soul. As are good friends, massages, chocolate, potato chips, and maybe one less slice of pizza for dinner. Four slices of Pizza Hut pizza plus honey barbeque wings were, perhaps, a bit much.

Massage, mine: $40 (I’m not allowed to tip, masseuse friend scolds me when I do)
Massage, friend: $25
Pizza/wings: $6
Scanning services: 1000 calories burnt, running up and down the stairs from scanner to computer
Total: $71

Lucky me, the massages will come out of my FSA/medical account, so I don’t even have to feel guilty. And coming home without a single nagging bit of guilt about how much work I didn’t get done that day? Priceless.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! And if not this past weekend, then this next one!

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