By: Revanche

Unnecessarily huffy?

September 23, 2008

I got a random email from BF’s relative the other day, a forward actually, asking if this relative was the person who had told Other Friend that I “also had an econ blog.”

Hrm. How did friend, much less relative, know that I had anything to do with blogging????

Uh huh. BF!!

Grr….. BF got his, of course, and I let the matter drop telling relative that the blog was a secret and I wasn’t sure that I was ready to come out with it to the rest of the world. I assumed (hoped) that was the end of that.

Today, however, I was chatting with Mentor who mentioned that she’d overheard that another friend of mine, connected with the same group, was sharing that I was interested in financial-related work and if anyone knew of any position for me …? ARGH! What the heck is going on? And to add insult to injury, Mentor scolded me, “BAD idea. Now is the WORST time!”

I know. I know that it’s the worst time, I don’t have any interest in jumping into the shark-infested waters while they’re roiling with blood, and I especially know that dabbling in PF blogging does not a financial advisor make. I don’t have any formal education or background in finances or banking, so I would obviously pursue some form of education like accounting classes or an MBA program if I decided that was the route I wanted to take. *huf*

I’m just a little aggravated that practically a whole congregation of people are now aware of my propensity to finance blog, and that … really … bothers me. And the fact that random friends are trying to scare up jobs for me in the financial sector without my knowledge, without my consent, and I’m sure with good intentions but apparently little or no comprehension of the market, sort of bothers me, too.

I might be overreacting, but I’m a bit annoyed.

Please. Good intentions I understand, but a little consideration? It’s not just that I’m less than comfortable with that particular kind of networking because it’s little more than trolling, and indicates a lack of finesse or professionalism that comes with knowing your industry and your goals. I think it comes off as naive and desperate, as though I’m incapable of focusing my efforts where they’d be most effective, and I’ve got to take the shotgun approach in an attempt to drum up any opportunity, anywhere.

I’ve never been terribly concerned with the exact opinions other people had of me, but I do insist on projecting at the very least, professionalism. I don’t much care for the potential of gaining a reputation for naivete, desperation or aimless. And I know that it’s pretty easy for that impression to form.

I don’t plan to say anything about it just yet, I don’t have the whole story and I haven’t spent time with this group of people in a while so I don’t know if it’ll just die out without my saying a word; it’s still more like a scratchy clothing tag that pokes me every so often.

Would this bother any of you? Would you simply accept that your friend had good intentions at heart and leave it at that?

5 Responses to “Unnecessarily huffy?”

  1. Sense says:

    Oh wow–I would be feeling seriously violated, no matter the good intentions. I like knowing that people are trustworthy enough to know when to not blab–this would make me not want to tell the ‘betrayers’ much of anything from now on!

    I hope the situation gets under control soon!

  2. Beautiful says:

    I know how you feel. I have a MYSPACE blog that I put out my frustration about life, work, and stuff in general. My X got on my case, one of my co-workers comment about what I wrote in front of those whom I kind of write about, and my X’s new wife whom commented on my blog. I like you I didn’t want to be an expert or have light shine on me. I am sorry that has happened to you. I am glad that I found you. I like reading your thoughts, feel free to do the same.

  3. Karen says:

    I’d be annoyed. My philosophy is “stay out” unless I specifically ask you to help (someone passing on info doesn’t count).

  4. I’d be annoyed too. But you know what? I just don’t tell people I blog 😉

    BF knows, but vaguely….. no idea of the URL etc.. and he couldn’t care less.

  5. Revanche says:

    sense: It’s entirely at BF’s door. I don’t know why I needed to qualify the instruction that a secret is NOT meant to be shared but …. *eyeroll* every so often he acts like your average guy, and it’s rare enough that it’s hard to hold a grudge.

    beautiful: Yikes, I’m only comfortable with one or two people I know reading what I write here. I have no idea why I’m ok with strangers reading and chatting about my personal life and not with people I know, but there it is.

    karen: I know, it just feels so weird to have anyone bother to be out there saying anything, if they never had a conversation with ME about it.

    FB: I thought BF understood the anonymity thing. I felt compelled to tell him because I felt bad that I was hiding something from him, but now I’m glad that I kept the URL completely to myself after the name switch.

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