By: Revanche

Who has the gimmes? I do! I do!

September 24, 2008

Wow, it’s amazing how much brighter my outlook is now that I’m not in excruciating pain. I always forget how much pain, self inflicted or disease related, affects my mood.

In the interest of getting it off my chest, and thus (with any luck), off my mind: I’ve been eaten up by the gimmes. (It’s strange, confession really IS good for you.)

Not a surprise, really. I’ve been quite focused on purging, cleaning and organizing, which is great, but since it’s been rather intermittent, it creates a bit of mental vacuum.

Which leads me to ….

A new laptop. We knew this. I’ve wanted a new one since 2006, but have held off in part thanks to Kira’s post about saving old computers and knowing it’s not in the budget. If I were to give in, I’d still have to wait until Black Friday, so it’s really just best to get a replacement battery. It’s just a matter of finding a reputable place to buy from. Decision: Get a new battery. Hold for another 3 years.

A new business/interview suit. Because I want to look snappy. (Uh- huh. That’s the whole of it.) Not a good enough reason, when the suit fund’s still a fledgling. Decision: on hold.

A cruise. HS friends and I have been talking about going on a little 3-4 day cruise to Mexico together for years. It’s been about six years now. Girlfriend and I were on the phone yesterday and she’s determined that we’re really going to do it!! And she wants to go in November. Lordy. Well, I have $268 in the travel fund. This could be a birthday gift for BF, since he was just complaining that we *never* travel together because of my schedule. I’d have to scare up another $300. Decision: maybe, because it’s a potential birthday gift and right now I just have a cute toy for him.

Pretty shoes. I don’t actually want to own more shoes. I don’t even want to store the ones I DO have, so this is just a symptom of mouse+cookie=craving. Also, I’m supposed to buy real quality when I buy from now on. Right.

2 Responses to “Who has the gimmes? I do! I do!”

  1. FruGal says:

    Man, I have a massive case of the gimmies too! It all the new season fashion in the shops, I just want to take my credit card and go crazy! It’s really killing me, and I try to focus on how much hard work I will be undoing if I blow my budget right now. Breathe!

  2. Revanche says:

    frugal: Does it help you to admit it, too? I feel so silly by the time I’m done talking about it that I’m much more able to focus on my real goals.

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