By: Revanche

“You need this” the subject line reads

September 5, 2008

Oy. No, no I don’t. But because I clicked on the link … I found that I do, perhaps, need ….

Women’s Xhilaration® Susan Plaid Mary Jane Pumps – Black: $22.99

Women’s Mossimo® Viviana Pumps – Black: $24.99

Ok. So here’s how I’m going to talk myself OUT of them:
1. I have too many shoes. I don’t like having too many shoes, and have actually gone through and donated three or four pairs recently to start paring down.
[Except, I only have one pair of black pumps and they’re so scuffed now. All my other shoes are open toed, or a leetle too shiny for business purposes. My mind is still on interview styles.]

2. And I’m not supposed to be buying cute things just because the price is low and they’re cute. They have to be good quality as well.
[Objecting voice has no objection to this.]

3. I’m not allowed to spend money right now. I have this whole PLAN set up. A plan that I’ll share once I confirm more of the details.
[Oh. Yeah.]

Dangit, Target!!

3 Responses to ““You need this” the subject line reads”

  1. Cute shoes, but I don’t trust Target shoes much more than I trust forever 21 clothes. Cute for a few wears, not going to last more than a season

  2. Karen says:

    Target was one of the few places in my last city that carried my size (5.5).
    Disclosure: I am not a shoe person. I would go for the plain black shoes before the (cute!) plaid ones.
    Try shoe polish on your scuffed shoes?

  3. Revanche says:

    stackingpennies: definitely a point for column “do not buy”! I don’t wear the pair of Target mary janes that I DO have too frequently, so they haven’t fallen apart yet but I wouldn’t count on them as go-to shoes.

    karen: hey, you’re about my size! I usually wear 5.5, sometimes a 6. I don’t think I’m a big shoe person, but I do like looking at them, and hoping for the best (fit, comfort, etc.).

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