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Zounds: lists are so helpful!

September 7, 2008

I’ve sent emails galore, one for every category:

* Queried friend of a friend about her work environment
* Finally found a lost email, sent to deprived friend
* Sent two networking base-touching emails from the networking event I attended last week. (Two weeks ago? Aren’t you supposed to send those out a day or two after meeting people? I know, I’m a slacker.)
* Sent love to sick friend

Still to go:

* Find a scanner. Perhaps I shouldn’t be trying to buy one, though I’m enamored of those multipage scanners for about $200 on Will check if my friend has one that I can use.
* Use aforementioned scanner to clear out tons of paperwork.
* Online research. Of the life changing kind.
* Applying results of online research.
* Engage Dad in conversation about Mom’s health care, health care providers, health care visit, dietary needs, budgeting, saving, and future plans. Make that conversations. We’ve lightly touched on the subjects, but desperately need to sit down and make actual, concrete plans.
* Get some sleep between now and next week — I need to rest up before this lack of sleep makes me look like a 13-year-old. Between hormones and tiredness, I’m starting to break out. Yikes!

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