By: Revanche

Bad attitude?

October 23, 2008

How bad is it when you’d rather work than go to lunch with higher-ups because you know that the outcome of the lunch has already been determined, thereby negating the need for the lunch? I mean, it’s gonna be good food and good food is my weakness.

But I’d rather be at my desk, having a lunch of herbs. Sad.

4 Responses to “Bad attitude?”

  1. Sense says:

    I hate meetings.

    With more than 2-3 people, they are USELESS and just waste everyone’s time.

  2. I agree with Sense.

    And I agree with you. Without good food and an agenda, I find myself having to answer emails urgently.. 😉

  3. Revanche says:

    Sense: Yep, unless only 2-3 are really discussing, and the rest are there taking notes and not wasting time.

    FB: 🙂 I don’t even want to go knowing there WILL be good food!

    notesfromthefrugaltrenches: unfortunately for both of us 🙂

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