By: Revanche

Good parking karma saves $45

October 28, 2008

About two weeks ago, I saved an acquaintance from getting a ticket. The metered spots only allow 4 hours of parking before a certain time in the evening, and she’d run out of meter time an hour before Free Time. As parking enforcement rolled up, glancing over at her car, I popped out and dropped some money in her meter.

When I drove into work last week, I used the meters because I normally commute by train and don’t have a long-term permit. Absentmindedly noted that I needed to move my car at 4:50 after parking …. then, I completely forgot until 5:50 pm. I was in agonies, sure I’d been ticketed.

Whether it be because I’d earned a little non-tickety-karma by helping someone else out or because there was construction on the street, there was no ticket on my windshield. Hallelujah for avoiding stupid-absentminded fees!

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