By: Revanche

Reductionism in all things (except the e-fund)

October 20, 2008

A chunk at a time, (sometimes literally), the material possessions in my life are being reduced, digitized and eliminated, or picked over. I found myself choosing NOT to sign up for free samples just because they were free, a holdover habit from my uber-Fatwalleting days, knowing that I have a packet of said samples that have yet to be used. I’m passing up Walgreens FAR items that I won’t immediately use, or won’t be able to find a home for. CVS ExtraBucks items are carefully considered and not purchased solely for the sake of generating EBucks. Not that I ever really got into that last, but was gearing up to. There’s very judicious stockpiling of essentials only.

I like this trend, and that the only remaining accumulation is in my savings accounts. My fellow LA-area bloggers, Well-Heeled and Stacking Pennies, are doing remarkably well with their emergency/Freedom Funds and asked how much would make you feel safe or comfortable?

I feel a bit like Chicken Little when I think “just add a few more months’ worth to the e-fund,” but then I read comments like this one on Boston Gal’s post, Keep debt low and cash high:

Puddle Jump Photo said:
My husband has been laid off twice in the past 18 months and all of emergency money is gone…so right now…it’s just trying to stay afloat!

and I remember that my own family’s troubles over the last seven or eight years, for numerous reasons, and it suddenly doesn’t seem unreasonable to want just a few thousand more banked away.

That’s not to say that I’m entirely fatalistic, I certainly can’t be with the progress made over the last few years. I’m just feeling more and more cautious and less willing to take risks with my money or my career. That’s probably not the worst thing right now.

4 Responses to “Reductionism in all things (except the e-fund)”

  1. “how much would make you feel comfortable?” “just a few more months worth”

    That always seems to be the answer.

    The was a time when i couldn’t fathom needing more than 4k, and stated I would be happy with 2k. What was I thinking? (I think I was still in the “I could just move home” mentality)

  2. Revanche says:

    stackingpennies: I know, and I feel completely sheepish when I realize that’s been the answer for a while. I’m not sure when I’ll feel comfortable.

    It’s funny how our needs grow exponentially once you remove the moving-home option.

  3. I’ve also said no to free things as well.

    I used to think $10k would be okay to make me feel comfortable, but now I want like $20k as my EF fund :/

  4. Revanche says:

    FB: Do you think that’s a natural reaction because we’re in the habit of saving and not knowing when enough is really enough, or to the unsettled economy? I’m having a hard time telling the difference.

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