By: Revanche

“That’ll do, pig”

October 30, 2008

On days when I can’t shake a massive headache, like every day this week, or when aches and pains of any other sort are plaguing me, wee little steps are enough.

The following companies will no longer be sending me paper statements:

Wamu/J.P. Morgan Chase (2)
Citibank (6, plus the 5 linked credit card accounts)
Emigrant Direct (4)
ING Direct (4)

I was thwarted again by American Express – they want some number that I gave them at the time of opening my account — 7 years ago. I haven’t a clue what they’re talking about so that’ll require a phone call.

Happily, my Vanguard accounts were switched to paperless some time ago, saving me $10/year on my Roth IRA. I need to rollover my really old Rollover IRA from Wamu, it once cost $15/year, but now it’s shot up to $25.

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