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A breath of fresh air

November 9, 2008

Having spent the better part of morning reading a series of rather depressing NY Times articles, I finally found one that was heartening: Barbara Raab’s “Need to Take a Breather? Have a Game Plan” breaks down the important steps to take in order to secure a sabbatical that won’t sink your career and leave you twitching with regrets, and not so incidentally, unemployed.

Balancing on the precipice of a major change for the past several months, or at least preparing to take the plunge while keeping mum about it, has produced much the same jangling nerves she experienced:

Every little thing was on my nerves: every buzz of a BlackBerry, every too-loud ring of a phone. I was going home exhausted for all the wrong reasons. I have never been easy to manage, but I was becoming downright hard to take.

Yep! I keep it bottled up for the most part, but the tensions physically manifest themselves in knotted shoulders, an aching neck, a brilliantly spectacular headache at 9:30 every morning. As my dentist pronounced after a thorough exam: You need a vacation!

Or a sabbatical. I like the idea of taking time off, but I love the idea of taking a significant break that’s not just R&R, but is also a time of refreshing, learning and improving. If only I could keep my health insurance like she did …..

What about you? Would you embrace a sabbatical if the circumstances were right? What would those circumstances be?

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