By: Revanche

Confessions of a shut-in

November 13, 2008

I went outside exactly zero times Sunday. Not to enjoy the sunlight, not to bask in the gusty windiness of the day, not to buy eggs. And I needed the eggs for breakfast.

Instead, I read the news. For hours. Read blogs, commented, read emails, even replied to a couple of them. Received multiple Twitter-like phone calls from a friend whose day out seemed more traumatic than my day in, thoroughly justifying my recusal from the outside world: I’m at the mall with my significant other, and her relatives. They’ve been shopping all day. I’ve abandoned them for the Apple store. They’ve been invited to dinner, can I hide out at your place later?

Instead, I spent hours on the internet, perusing sites that needed perusing, completed online tasks (3 of them!) that needed completing. Even initiated another project that I don’t quite have time for but will be good for me, I think. Discussed plans with a girlfriend I’ve not spoken to in ages. Chatted with another friend who I have snailmailed recently. Nearly completed a letter of recommendation for yet another friend, which probably doesn’t count since I’m not actually done with it. Unsuccessfully tried to initiate a GChat with another friend who is probably still trying to figure out GChat. Ah well.

And, discovered that in the recesses of one of my bookshelves, I still. Have. These. Does anyone on earth still have an old GameBoy that plays these games??

Filled a sack of Things to Discard, and Things to Give Away.

And collected stacks of books that I can bear to part with. I even found my old retainer! Which makes me think, I should call my old orthodontist, my teeth are … er, on the move again after many years of freedom and I should hate to think all that expense (thanks Mum!) and pain (thanks, Mum) were for naught. (I’m a little irritated that my dentist removed my permanent retaining wire two years ago without so much as a by-your-leave. That’s why the teeth are shifting.)

In my own little world, progress was made. Not a ton, but y’know. Enough to justify a day, almost.

2 Responses to “Confessions of a shut-in”

  1. I want a day like that. To just sit there and watch the sky go by and cuddle with BF. Its’ been really busy lately. I can’t wait for Dec 1st….

  2. Revanche says:

    FB: Yeah, having someone to cuddle with would have been nice…this was all solo. But productive! (ish)

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