By: Revanche

Grandmother of all burritos

November 14, 2008

You may not know this, but I think about food 65% of the time. It’d be great, if it didn’t always lead to cravings. Everyone has been pretty bad about bringing lunch to work regularly, lately, so the next best thing is try to keep the frequency and cost low and the serving sizes large.

Sadly, no one likes to deliver to our little black-hole pocket of town (discrimination, I say! our money is good!), so it’s usually a challenge to combine low-cost, high volume, and free delivery. Recently, though, we were blessed by Google Maps.

A search of [restaurants] and [our zip code] turned up a well known Mexican eatery that literally caused heart palpitations when I floated the idea. Turns out that I’m the only unenlightened one here; others were regulars once upon a time and simply couldn’t handle the sizes of the servings any more.

They were not kidding when they called the Hollenbeck burrito a gut-buster! No matter the size, I’d normally have a hard time justifying more than ten dollars for a burrito except it lasted two full lunches, and very nearly did in my dinner on the firstday. Measuring in at 12 inches long, 6 inches wide, and 2 inches thick, the burrito was practically a deal for $11. That’s 144 square inches of burrito goodness, doused in enchilada sauce, and topped with more pork.

Mmmm …..

And to satisfy my bargain seeking soul, the restaurant misunderstood my delivery order for a pick up so they knocked 25% off the bill to compensate for the nearly 1.5 hour wait, making my burrito $8 after tip. We’ll be ordering from them again!

Image credit: Tales of an LA Addict

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