By: Revanche

Inertia’s the enemy

November 25, 2008

Been having myself a little pity party over being sick since I went to bed early but kept waking up and feeling worse each time I did. I’m not a morning person, and that not wanting to get up increases exponentially when I’m sick, because that’s always the worst part of my days. This time, though, it’s been surprisingly easy to forget that I actually might survive until noon if I manage to stay awake and semi-productive until then – normally I just automagically find myself getting up and going to work without wasting the energy to whine about it. I guess my immune system’s a little weaker than usual.

I’ve been dazedly clicking on links from The Digerati Life trying to maintain visual tracking/consciousness, and oddly enough, the focus on layoffs and the amazingly good attitudes of recently laid-off bloggers has started to penetrate my fugue and fogginess. Amateur Asset Allocator lost his job at the end of October, so I checked on the most recent post to see how he’s been doing since. Today, he’s reminding us to roll over our old IRAs (more applicable to him since he’s no longer with his former employer) and not leave it sitting around because we’re simply too busy, lazy or some combination thereof. Very timely reminder because I still haven’t rolled over my original Rollover IRA from WAMU and it’s now costing even more ($25 annual fee) than it did before ($15).

I did, however, fight off the inertia long enough this past weekend to call United and find out that I have a nearly $300 credit in my name from a previously cancelled business trip. Heh, if the organizers were rude enough to cancel the trip without even telling me until the last minute, I’m keeping that credit! Ok, I say that like I’m rebelling, and not because the tickets were non-refundable and non-transferable. I don’t actually have a choice, it’s mine anyway. But still. It can still feel like one little act of defiance, anything to boost the spirit.

Perhaps that rolling stone of will pass the ertia along to settling the IRA issue this weekend. After all, it’s managed to lose 4 years’ worth of gains in a month, it’s not doing me any good anyway.

2 Responses to “Inertia’s the enemy”

  1. four years worth of gains makes that fee seem almost trivial. But it is YOUR 25/year!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Revanche says:

    sp: I know, it’s pretty much lose-lose at this point.

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