By: Revanche

Phantom Phone

November 11, 2008

A routine is a good thing, but when it causes you to forget things at home when the routine is altered just a tiny bit, it’s time to start paying more attention.

Mornings aren’t my strong suit so I minimize the number of things I have to remember before leaving the house. Normally works pretty well: only keys, phone and headset, and a book are taken out of my handbag each night, and they go right back in on my way out. Except I received a phone call in the middle of getting dressed, put the phone down on my desk instead and walked out without it. Dangit. Now I keep hearing other people’s iPhones dinging and chiming and wanting to check mine.

It probably wouldn’t be a problem if I’d not had unconfirmed plans to have lunch with a friend today. Or if I didn’t need to text a friend for his mechanic’s phone number. Or if I didn’t go home in the pitch black darkness with potential late-running trains. Boo. While I never wanted to be dependent on a tech device, it sure would be handy.

2 Responses to “Phantom Phone”

  1. Penny says:

    I accidently left my phone at a friend’s house the other day. I felt completely out of it all day! PLUS it is kind of scary being without it in case of an emergency!

    Basically, I know exactly how you feel.

  2. Revanche says:

    penny: Thanks for the empathy. I had a bit of separation anxiety all day, but it’s better than when I thought it was totally lost.

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