By: Revanche

Holding vigil

December 7, 2008

Am worn out from trying to make up my day. Arrived home at 5 pm, had a short whirlwind of activity: did two loads of laundry, ate a little bit, showered, cleaned the tub, boiled eggs for tomorrow. Now, exhausted, so am giving up on job apps, organizing photographs, writing cards. Was rousted out of bed this morning to go to BF’s house to check on his dog. His sister was alone, distraught as their 15+ year old dog’s somewhat neurological behaviors and unsteadiness increased, so I went to keep her company and tender what advice I could.

Precious little advice it was, too. He’s had a good long life, and we’ve been blessed to have him this long after last year’s tragedies, but it was clearly his time to go. Finally, he had such rough bout of difficulty breathing after a bit of activity that I was about to recommend that they call the vet and let him go more peacefully when he passed on his own.

I was able to make a few calls and make arrangements since I used to work at the local vet’s, so that spared the family some little bit of stress.

I’m glad I could be there to help in BF’s place, but I fervently wish that after losing their father, their cousin and now their beloved family pet, we can be spared the need to hold vigil, please, for at least another couple of years. I know life’s not fair, but this is getting to be a bit much.

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