By: Revanche

Last Quarter’s Supplement

December 23, 2008

The month and the quarter is just about over, and it’s only just occurred to me that I haven’t divvied up the last check of the year.

Just goes to show how busy it’s been; deciding where to allocate incoming funds is one of my favorite financial exercises.

It was a little harder this time because it’s been so long since my last go at it, but let’s take a look. I’ve finally got a handle on properly supplying my expense account, so the proper amount for that is taken out first. That’s about 47% of the check.

To even things up, I’m putting 13% in the insurance account which is transforming from the auto insurance account to an everything insurance account. I’m going to look into buying my own life insurance, so I’ll need some money for premiums. Might also need renter’s insurance. *grimace* Yes, I haven’t gotten that yet.

20% goes to savings, and that leaves me with 20% to go. I was going to refill the travel fund, and plump up the neglected moving fund, but auto maintenance is running on empty. Should I divide evenly between the three, or pick two and make it more substantial for the lucky two?

Hm, I know I have registration coming up again, soon, so it should probably be 9/9/2%: AM/Moving/Travel.

Way more complicated than it needs to be, I know. 😛 I just don’t like any account to be empty!

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