By: Revanche

New Goal! (not financial)

December 28, 2008

During a GChat last night, I realized that I’m now in the worse shape of my life, starting from the time I actually built up actual muscle mass. Probably age 13?

Have to say, I swore up and down that this would never happen. During the high school years, I was so active that it was nearly impossible to imagine that nothing of the track/running/horseback riding/biking/martial arts regimen would survive through (and past) the college years. As my martial arts teacher predicted, however, nary a hobby made it through the gauntlet.

There was a brief period of yogaing last year, in an attempt to alleviate stress, but there’s really nothing like a high-impact, exhausting routine to really get the endorphins flowing. At least, that’s what I always thought so if I couldn’t have it all, I wouldn’t bother.

Now, though, older and completely weak, I have no choice but to start slowly, and with low impact exercises; I don’t want to cripple myself with one walloping exercise session and ruin the rest of the month. Been there, no fun. Luckily, my conversation was with a member of the military who immediately instructed me on stamina and core building exercises.

Of the ten or more drills, I picked three to five that sounded the best: wind sprints, bar hang, the plank (extended version), leg lifts and crunches. Actually, I hate leg lifts and crunches because I thoroughly stink at them, but they can be done anywhere and there’s soooo much room for improvement.

Of those five, I’m going to do the plank every other day because I want to work up to the 2 minute time limit, bar hang on the in between days as my wrists allow, and seed the running, legs and crunches throughout.

The plank’s most intriguing because it sounds SO challenging. Holding your back completely straight and staying in each position for two minutes: you start in a plank position on your hands (push up position), then lower to forearms. Rise up and balance weight on right arm, hold, switch to left arm. Return to right arm, shoot left arm underneath right arm to flip over to back without ever releasing plank position, holding arms at 45 degree angles, knees bent, feet flat on ground, hold. Extend right leg parallel to ground, level with body, hold. Switch to left. Drop to ground, and lift head two inches off ground, looking straight up. And done!

In only 20-second holding increments last night to get a feel for it, my muscles were shaking halfway through… this will be fun!!

It’s not a New Year’s resolution to go to the gym or anything, but I’m pretty sure that this will stick better than the other would. (And it’s free!) It’d be even more fun with a buddy. Volunteers, anyone?

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  1. I don’t know what it is about going to college that puts a damper on hobbies. My first year of college I was still active and I was on the equestrian team, but the three years after that? I was pretty much a lazy, chubby, slug.

    I like how you’re starting to incorporate some strength training moves into your life – are you planning on doing any cardio?

  2. Revanche says:

    losangelesdaze: Yeah, I think that’s about how it went for me too.

    I would like to add some cardio but haven’t thought that far in advance yet. Any suggestions?

  3. Miss M says:

    We joined a gym last year and had been going regularly. Then December hit and I was just too busy. Now I have the time but I’m sick! Good luck with your workout routine, my body feels the same as yours. Aging isn’t kind.

  4. Revanche – running is a great form of cardio. Plus it’s cheap and can be done anywhere (you don’t need a costly gym membership, and treadmills suck!). Just make sure you get a good pair of running shoes, lots of running stores will analyze your gait and fit you, and most of them cost below $100. Or, you can find out which ones you need and look online for good deals (I got mine for 50% off!).

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