By: Revanche

November Snapshot

December 2, 2008

Retirement Savings

Rollover IRA: $1,052
Roth IRA: $4,189
401(a): $4,168
403(b): $11,655
Total: $ 21,604 (21,409)

Emergency Savings

Catastrophe: $ 20,000 (19,743)
Problem Cushion: $794

Short Term Goals

Car Maintenance: $711
Car Insurance: $1,809
Travel/Con: $512
Taxes: $3,507
Moving: $15
Total: $ 6,554 (6,124)

Long Term Goals

House Down Payment: $101

Investment Loans

Prosper-ish: $12,630
Personal Loan: $5,000
Savings Bond: $357 (current accrued value)
Total: $17,998 (17,997)

Total Assets

Non-Liquid: $21,604
Semi-Liquid: $17,998
Liquid: $20,794
Expense Acct: $6,160
Goals Savings: $6,554
Total: $ 73,110 (71,686)

Debt and Liabilities

Truck: $2,743
AX: $177
Citi: $154
Citi 2: $1,306
Chase: $335
Rent: $1,360
Total: $6,075 (5,604)

Net Worth

$67,035 (66,082)

Surprisingly, there was a bit of gain this month, and that can be attributed to much lower gas prices (down from a high of $400/mo to about $200/mo) and a few uncommonly low utility bills, unexpected strength in the bonds of the Roth, and a steady infusion of overtime income. I’ll take what I can get for now as none of the four should be relied upon.

The car insurance came due so I charged it on the PremierPass to clear out as many of my Flight points as possible before they change the card to a CitiBusiness. It’ll be paid off forthwith as the money’s sitting pretty in the Insurance money account.

I have my fingers crossed that getting rid of the truck today will go smoothly.

For more interesting commentary on net worths and YTD gains or losses, check out Clever Dude and Mapgirl’s Fiscal Challenge.

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  1. What a great net worth overview!

    Now that I .. HAVE net worth, I should really keep better track of all that stuff. 🙂

    Ok, starting 2009..

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