By: Revanche

Shaking the fist of rue

December 23, 2008

Just now realized that my decision to give my dad a chance to sell the %^&*^% truck at a higher price than the dealer’s offered $4000 was stupid stupid stupid. As if I hadn’t already experienced the burn of not selling earlier in the year, that extra money would have defrayed the most recent car-related crisis by giving me a little extra cash and eliminating the existing truck note.



Made the decision to give him a chance, just have to make the best of it. And not dwell.
Um, on the bright side, I got a friend’s opinion on the new suit and thumbs up! So I will only have spent $11 on a quite nice new business suit. Let’s hope I don’t outgrow this one in two years.

4 Responses to “Shaking the fist of rue”

  1. Did you give him a time frame/deadline?

    Anyway good luck. No sense in stressing *hug*

  2. Karen says:

    Call the dealer back and see what they say. If it’s too low, try a different dealer in a different area. Did you try CarMax or AutoNation?

    Good luck!

  3. Miss M says:

    If your dad follows through he should get a better price. I was offered $300 for my used car from a dealer, I sold it private party through auto trader for $1600. I hope it works out.

  4. Revanche says:

    FB: I didn’t, he got some calls right away but nothing panned out.

    Karen: Carmax was offering even less than the dealer, I might still be able to get the dealer to give that same price. Perhaps AutoNation.

    Miss M: This is why I’m tempted to just hold on as best I can until someone bites — the dealer price is pretty darn low.

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