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Spending Gremlins

December 12, 2008

The feeling of material satiety has worn off with a vengeance. This feels a bit like a rebound from my “Simplify, simplify” mode and I’m not fighting it as hard as I should. The e-fund is still fine, but I hit a plateau when I got sick for two weeks. That meant no overtime. In fact, I had to burn some sick time. That’s what it’s for and I’m grateful to have it, but with the ability to overearn has gone my spending/acquisitive restraint and determination to build up the money reserves while I still can.

1. The dental visit made me feel like I should check with my dentist friend about whether or not he’d recommend getting a new electric toothbrush. I don’t want a single additional cavity, and since the current dental care regimen is evidently not doing the job, something needs to change. New electric toothbrush: ~$100?
2. Flat iron for self, friend (X-mas gift): $150?
3. Laptop: $650?
4. Boots: My older pair are too worn and, most importantly, hurt my feet. Winter weather always makes me long for comfortable boots to keep me warm, and browsing online hasn’t helped the neediness: $50? $70? Meh.
5. New towels: I’ll use a gift card.
6. Interview suit: I keep thinking that I can just wear my old one but let’s not kid ourselves — I couldn’t, er, latch the hook in July and I won’t be able to now, either. There’s an odd feeling: $200?
7. New coat: The thought of moving to a place that has Real Winter scares the bejeebers out of me. That’s probably why I can’t stop dreaming of new puffy coats, gloves that actually fit, scarves, hats and vests. 40 degrees is COLD, people! Frigid! Unbearable!

Where do I think this money is coming from?? Nuts. I’ll pass on the boots, coat, and the flat iron for myself. The travel/gift fund can take care of the flat iron gift and part of the laptop, the rest will have to come out of my expenses. Er, the suit? Well, let’s see if I can cobble together a sharp enough outfit from my regular business clothing to get by. Otherwise, I might try the (new! local!) H&M for separates to be tailored. I don’t want to cheap out on an interview outfit but I shouldn’t bust into the savings, either. I need that for rent! (Then again, I need a new job to pay the rent, too.)

Oooh there’s that “I hate spending money” feeling back. Whew, I thought I’d lost my mind there.

Is anyone else self-gifting this season?

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  1. I bought elbow-length gloves & rain boots for my visit to the East Coast. I’m justifying it by saying that a.) I have no shoes that will work if it snows, and b.) none of my shirts are both warm AND cute. The gloves will allow me to wear 3/4 sleeves under my coat.

  2. Wait, did I miss something here? Are you moving?

    Buy new boots – you need to treat your feet well. You don’t want to have to spend $$$ on podiatrist years down the road.

    As for the suit – you always need an interview suit ready. There are lots of discounts going on at The Limited, Express, Mayc’s etc., so take advantage of it while you can.

    Flat iron – not necessary…

    And…I have an electric toothbrush and my dentist found, I kid you not, about TWELVE cavities in my mouth. Yup. That’s with brushing twice a day, flossing, and using mouthwash. How I can still get cavities baffles me.

  3. You can get decent electric toothbrushes for a LOT cheaper.

    Look for the Oral-B Vitality Electric toothbrush. It works just as well as the other super fancy ones for $100, but it costs $30 in Canada, and charges on its own little charger and has removable heads. WELL WORTH the money. You have never felt your teeth so smooth and clean after an electric brushing.

    Laptop – $650 sounds reasonable, but I’d up it to $800 because you’re going to want to put more RAM (memory in it) unless you’re not really concerned about speed…

    Buy new boots for sure. Don’t cheap out on that. Your feet are too precious for that.

    New Coat? Hah you will DEF. need one if you aren’t used to the winter. I suggest a big thick hat, a thick scarf, puffy jacket (Nine west has a cute puffer that doesn’t make you look like the Michelin man), and thick mittens with thick woolly socks…

  4. Oh, and I always self-gift 🙂

  5. Revanche says:

    paranoidasteroid: Those boots are totally justified, as are the gloves, actually. You didn’t exactly go overboard, there 🙂

    ladaze: I’m preparing in case I have to move for a job … there aren’t that many openings for what I’m interested in in our area. I know I only need one, but I’m casting the net wide.

    Until I have new ones, I’m just not wearing boots at all. I’d rather be a bit cold than nurse beat-up feet and ankles.

    Ugh, I know, but suit/clothing shopping is SO painful. Nothing *ever* fits … *whine* 😀 I’m stopping now.

    I don’t want to spend on a flat iron, but my friends aren’t telling me to flat iron it just to be high maintenance…I’m sort of a morning mess.

    We both need new brushing techniques, I think. Or second opinion dentists! It’s not nice but sometimes I wonder if they’re telling the truth.

    FB: I might be getting a spiffy new one .. free? I’m waiting to hear how much dentist friend says I’ll owe 🙂

    I’m look at 3GB RAM, are you saying 4GB is advisable?

    I’m liking the Naturalizer boots, I think they’re well-known for comfort, and some are actually cute, too!

    I think I know the puffy NW coat you’re talking about and it’s SO CUTE. I don’t think it’s small enough for me, though.

  6. MSJNT says:

    Since I have no kids…Self-gifting is my right to treat myself. I went out on Black Friday and got the following:

    Sex and the City Movie
    a Flash Drive
    2 pair of scrub pants (needed)
    2 bras (needed)
    1 Tiagenello purse ($89 was the reg price, got it 25% off plus had a coupon)
    A cabinet for my CPU and Printer (had a $15 gift card @Target)
    Some premium Cocoa
    6 Candle Tarts from Yankee Candle.

    I didn’t go over my budget…I even got two gifts for two people at work.

    As for the dentist, thank goodness for dental insurance. I got a root canal for $300 out of pocket. The Dental secretary told me the full price and then said that I had some fabulous insurance. Take of your teeth and feet. Go get you some new boots.

  7. Revanche says:

    MSJNT: What a nice haul for BF, and under budget, too? NICE.

    Root canals are painful enough without having to pay the full bill without insurance, glad you have a good plan!

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