By: Revanche

+ $17 organization

January 14, 2009

Perhaps even more important than my $17 cash, not having to go to the DMV to replace the missing registration card and sticker for the truck is a huge coup!

Ms. Organization over here managed to lose the registration card to the vehicle we’d all love to see the back of somewhere in Cleaning Central. Ironic.

Thankfully, halfway through filling out the replacement form, I decided that it was worth yet another pass through the stuff on my desk, and actually found the dang thing stuck to the back of an envelope.

Finally, something I can cross off my list of things to do. Score!

2 Responses to “+ $17 organization”

  1. It is fab to get things done isn’t it!

  2. Revanche says:

    notesfromthefrugaltrenches: Absolutely!

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