By: Revanche

Citi remains a benevolent beast

January 27, 2009

For now, anyway. The Driver’s Edge card is one of my most rarely used credit cards, but it came out recently for the window/lock repairs and covered a good $160 of the $180 mechanic bill.

Unfortunately for me, the due date was on January 1st and I completely flubbed the payment. Don’t ask how, I can only blame the stupidity that is my complete confidence that I wouldn’t forget to look at my planner in the middle of a 2 week holiday break. Yep, totally thought that one through.

Of course, I incurred a cute little $15 fee and a finance charge on top of that (83 cents) for the pleasure of using my rebates (and being stupid, yes). For about a week I considered just paying it and keeping my mouth shut because one, it was totally deserved, and two, it’s not a $29 fee.

Luckily, I came to my senses and gave them a call. I didn’t lie, I just asked if they would waive the fee. In under two minutes, the CSR cheerfully waived both the fee and the finance charges and sent me on my way.

It’s awfully nice that they’re still willing to waive fees so easily, considering the straits the company is in, and I thoroughly appreciate it. After all, every penny counts in this economy!

Besides, after paying a huge stupid tax via the towing fees and associated pain, I’d like a little credit for having paid some dues. 😛

5 Responses to “Citi remains a benevolent beast”

  1. Miss M says:

    The holidays have that effect on people. It shows you that it doesn’t hurt to ask. I should have called my bank about an overdraft charge, oh well. Good you followed up.

  2. FruGal says:

    Good for you for calling up. So many people just fork out the money without questioning it. Once I had a £30 overdraft fee, and I went to see if they would waive it. The teller tried to get rid of me by saying that I had to make an appointment to see a supervisor to speak to them about it. I made the appointment, came back the next day and he waived the fee straight away. So glad I took the time to actually go back!

  3. I always think I would feel bad about stuff like that. For some reason, I have a soft spot when it comes to giant evil corporations. 😛

  4. Karen says:

    Here, let me “one up” you and make you feel better. I forgot to pay my *mortgage* in Jan (and then studpidly didn’t pay Feb at the same time and submitted the payment the next day!). Not sure how I missed it since it’s the first thing I do when I get paid.

    I know…

  5. Revanche says:

    Miss M: Banks, I’ve noticed, have been much less generous.

    FruGal: Thanks 🙂 I’m surprised that they actually followed through with waiving your fee, but that’s a big chunk of money.

    paranoidasteroid: Hehe, you’re too good to them. But that’s why I hesitated to call. Then I thought of my potential upcoming expenses and realized, uh, they’ll give it to me if they can afford it.

    Karen: 🙂 You win!

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