By: Revanche

Greed and playing the race card

January 21, 2009

Mmm, I knew there was likely to be quite a few people taking advantage of the free make-up being disbursed due to this lawsuit, but I know someone who is really pushing the envelope, and bragging all over the place about it, to boot.

Having already made her rounds of one mall yesterday with a young teenager in tow, they collected 16 free items, and she plans to make another round of two malls tomorrow with the goal of picking up at least another 32 free perfumes and make-up items.

When someone else in line was told they couldn’t come through the line more than once, she encouraged this person to go through multiple times, belligerently and challenging the sales clerks as if they were in the wrong for enforcing the rules of the disbursement. She herself was looking for a fight, saying that “if the sales clerk picked on her? She would create a ruckus, cause the line to be shut down, and threaten them with a lawsuit for discriminating against her because she’s black.”

All because she has a “right” to collect as much free stuff as she wants. That’s it. As she tells it, she’s not giving the stuff away to charity, to friends, to family, to anyone in “need.” She just wants to get as much as she wants to get.

Um, what?

I’m not sitting here saying that corporate giants can’t absorb the cost of the products, they’re required to give away $175 million worth of make-up after all, it’s the whole point of this giveaway. But threatening a lawsuit? Harassing the sales clerks, glaring at them and giving them the evil eye on someone else’s behalf? Accusing people of racism when it’s got nothing to do with the issue at hand? All because you “need” more free stuff?

That just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. There’s real racism out there, and real issues to be talked about. There’s something wrong about using those hot-button words just to enable greed.

4 Responses to “Greed and playing the race card”

  1. I agree 100% with you and hate it when people use those words to their advantage.

    I can think of a million things to say about the issue, but i’ll refrain just in case I offend anybody.

  2. I hate this entitlement mentality that seems to be running rampant nowadays.

    None of the giveaway stuff is even that great!

    Also, I hate when people call in race when it isn’t involved. It just makes it harder the next time someone actually is facing discrimination, because so many people cried wolf.

  3. Miss M says:

    Also, there is a limited number of items available. Once they run out, they’re out. If a few people go back over and over then others who are entitled to get some will get none! It’s completely selfish. She probably didn’t even buy any of the products that prompted the lawsuit and giveaway. Race has nothing to do with it and she is being unfair to everyone else.

  4. Revanche says:

    losangelesdaze: I hate it when people abuse those words, and frivolous use of them qualifies.

    paranoidasteroid: Yeah, it increases the likelihood that the less aggressive will be dismissed when race IS a factor. The more aggressive, like her, will continue to of course, but it makes the road harder for many others. And I believe it increases the likelihood of actual prejudice developing.

    Miss M: Even if she did, I know that her very young daughter certainly didn’t. And that’s an example she’s setting.

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