By: Revanche

This week, while I’m eating baby bok choy….

January 5, 2009

A friend just dropped off about 8 pounds of baby bok choy. He volunteers at a charity and occasionally, food donations from farms, grocery stores or whatnot overwhelm their storage, cooking and distribution capacity. This weekend, for example, a farm dropped off two pallets of vegetables. Pallets, not crates, or boxes, pallets stacked with boxes crammed full of leafy green vegetables.

It’s wonderful that those they’re helping will be treated to fresh vegetables, but that’s way too much for them in one go, so they sent the volunteers home with a case, each. I’m going to be eating baby bok choy, fresh, delicious, crunchy, baby bok choy for a WEEK. This is awesome for I love love love bok choy. In fact, my aunt’s family will be, too – there’s no way we can eat up that entire sack of veggies by ourselves.

And while I’m eating that lovely veggie, in soups and various other forms, I’ll be:

Doing laundry.
Emptying out and consolidating the contents of my under-the-desk plastic containers.
Reorganizing the contents of my under-the-bed clothing container and the lift-top bench I have.
Taking an even more critical look at my bookshelf.
Making a decision about my hair. (to cut, or not to cut? How short? What’s perfect interview length?)
Submitting any cover letters and applications necessary.
Tackling the why didn’t I get a bonus when everyone else did? question.
Taking my business clothes to the tailor for some tweaks and nips, in search of a more perfect fit!

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