By: Revanche

February Snapshot

February 28, 2009

Retirement Savings

Rollover IRA: $948
Roth IRA: $4,079
401(a): $4,629
403(b): $10,759
Total: $ 20,415 (22,027)

Emergency Savings

Catastrophe: $ 23,816
Problem Cushion: $ 1,000
Total: $24,816 (22,291)

Short Term Goals

Car Maintenance: $517
Car Insurance: $1,474
Travel/Con: $400
Taxes: $3,522
Moving: $1,465
Total: $ 7,278 (7,229)

Long Term Goals

House Down Payment: $101

Investment Loans

Prosper-ish: $12,630
Personal Loan: $4,000
Savings Bond: $362 (current accrued value)
Total: $ 16,992 (17,998)

Total Assets

Illiquid: $ 20,415
Semi-Liquid: $16,992
Liquid: $24,816
Expense Acct: $9,039
Goals Savings: $7,278
Total: $ 78,640 (74,072)

Debt and Liabilities

AX: $183
Citi 2: $122
Chase: $142
Rent: $1,360
Total: $ 1807 (2,525)

Net Worth

$ 76,833 (71,547)

This month’s net worth brought to you by A Series of (Un)fortunate Events:

1 truck sale, rather nice, actually.
1 car crash and totaled car, rather unfortunate.
1 set of nervous willies wherein I call in the loan in $1000 increments. This doesn’t affect the net worth as it’s just moving the money from one asset class to another. Slowly relieving stress here.

The most significant factor was the truck sale. It simultaneously removed the rest of the loan (liability) and supplemented my raided expense account.

Salting away money into the emergency fund helps, but there may be a bit of a drop when I pay my taxes. I have to review the paperwork one more time, because I kind of think (hope!) the accountant did something wrong for me to owe as much as he says I do. Either way, I should start emotionally letting go of that money saved for taxes. Probably shouldn’t have included it in the net worth to begin with, since it now feels like it’s “mine.” Well, it is, but you know what I mean.

2 Responses to “February Snapshot”

  1. Sense says:

    WOW! that’s a big jump in NW for one month, congrats!

    and uuuugggghhhh, i feel your taxes pain. I was all set to GET money back, but I think I’m going to have to pay. What makes it even worse is that i’ll have to pay from my NZ account, which will DOUBLE the dollar amount, plus.

  2. Revanche says:

    Sense: I’m pretending it’s not quite, actually, because of the taxes. Don’t like getting my hopes up only to be dashed.

    Ugh, so sorry you’re going to owe, too. You don’t have money in US accounts anymore?

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