By: Revanche

Ironic silver lining

February 13, 2009

It just occurred to me that the silver lining to the car thing? Is that it eliminates the car payment, due to end in August, right now. The total amount deducted from the insurance settlement is a blow, as long as we get a used vehicle for less than $5000 – I’m willing to kick in a few hundred, up to a thousand – it increases their cash flow.

Now I can reproject the 09 family budget. Happy Friday?

Oh, and I guess I won’t be paying for car insurance in the meantime, either.

3 Responses to “Ironic silver lining”

  1. frugalCPA says:

    Sad times, about he car. It could be worse – you could be in our financial situation. 🙂

  2. Matt says:

    good thing to look at it from the positive side

  3. Revanche says:

    frugalCPA: I know, it served us so well. And was so close to payoff.

    I guess you’re right. 🙂

    Matt: It took a while to find it, but there it is!

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