By: Revanche

We interrupt your regularly scheduled post

February 2, 2009

to announce: THE TRUCK IS SOLD.

I’m actually sad that I didn’t say goodbye to it myself. But I was determined to a) relax this weekend before I imploded, and b) let my dad handle all the necessary dealings. Not ’cause I’m a wuss, or because I’d be pissed that I didn’t get a better deal and it’s easier to blame it on him. I just didn’t need one more thing on my plate.

So the payoff amount was reimbursed, as were about 8 months’ of payments that I hadn’t signed up for. No, I didn’t break even, but whatever, I’m not even thinking about that anymore – it’s a done deal. The truck is gone. The payment is gone. No more registration fees, no more maintenance. The insurance can be reduced.

“O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!”

6 Responses to “We interrupt your regularly scheduled post”

  1. Congrats! It must be nice to get that responsibility off your plate!

  2. Revanche says:

    calgirlfinance: It’s awesome!

    paranoidasteroid: Thanks! 🙂

  3. Miss M says:

    Cool beans! You want to come over and sell Mr M’s truck for him. It’s been rusting in the driveway for a year now, he needs to get off his lazy butt and sell it.

  4. Revanche says:

    Miss M: Hah, send the truck on over, we’ll see what we can do. 🙂

    Karen: 😀 !!

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