By: Revanche

Happy (random, miscellany) Wednesday!

March 11, 2009

Just because the act of writing supposedly helps commit things to memory, or at least to the internet server for later access, let’s make this official:

Life would be easier if I owned a nice little can opener. Not that using the grungy, rust-caked, creaky can opener in our “kitchen” at work will kill me outright, but if a slow death-by-food-and-other poisoning can be avoided with a cute gadget, I’m all for it. And if it can’t be cute, then clean, functional, and RA- friendly are acceptable attributes.

Life would include a heck of a lot more mac ‘n’ cheese, and by default be better, if I owned a cheese grater. It’s just so hard to decide between graters, slicers, grater/slicer, 6 in one graters, etc. They all seem like a good idea. A fine, cheese-enabling idea.

**I’m getting forgetful in my current state of mind: it’s been almost a week and I still haven’t submitted a new FSA claim form for the latest batch of sickie supplies.

2 Responses to “Happy (random, miscellany) Wednesday!”

  1. BF owns one by default because I use coconut milk, but I think they’re only like $20 right? And the cheese grater is $15? 🙂

    A good grater is essential..

  2. Revanche says:

    FB: Yeah, a decent can opener isn’t too pricey and I’ll use a 20% off coupon. Same with the cheese grater 🙂

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