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Adios, denied gratification!

April 6, 2009

Well-Heeled is a bad influence. That’s right, I said it. She is an enabler! And … I’m weak.

I bought a handbag.

Hah, ok truthfully after three weeks of telling myself “no, no, noooo,” there was no guilt once the decision to Buy clicked. The sense of peace might have been relief that I was no longer obsessing over something. Whatever the case, this time, saying “I’m weak” and shaking a finger at my enabler is pure habit. This is despite the fact that it’s unbudgeted spending, hell-o, I’m still facing a layoff, and it cost approximately 6.875 times more than I have ever paid for any bag. (For those who care about percentages, it was 65% off. I only consider the final dollar price that I pay.)

It’s not an investment. It won’t yield any tangible, monetary returns, just personal enjoyment. And y’know something? It’s fine. How so laissez-faire? Well ….

1. I won’t go into debt for it.
2. This isn’t habitual spending: I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve purchased a large ticket item: three coats and a laptop in 9 years. [The car doesn’t count – that wasn’t entirely my choice.] Though, feel free to chime in “didn’t you just buy ….” if you recall something I don’t. My memory’s wacky.
3. While it’s a shock to the system, I’m finally buying a quality item that will last years instead of a cute bargain that’ll last months.
4. It’s only money.


Yep. As hard as I’ve worked to save every penny, the having of which is highly highly comforting in these turbulent times, what’s the point if I only ever use it for rent, bread/rice, and water? And as much as I worry about it, this single purchase does not signal wholesale lifestyle inflation. I’ve needed a professional bag since becoming a professional, but would indefinitely continue lying to myself about buying one if I didn’t let go already.

I do this all the time (example circa October 2006):

[For months … I promised myself an iPod for the train ride when I started that new job: “when things get better, you can have *****.” I’m such a liar.]

Like I said about saving, you can’t reap the benefits of saving with actually saving, neither can you have nice things without spending money on them. Legally, I mean. Or without a sugar-daddy. That should go without saying, but I’m saying it anyway just in case.

My birthday bag is much loved, but after 6 months of constant use, it’s getting destroyed. There’s a gaping hole in the lining at the bottom, the fabric around the one side pocket is disintegrating, and the flaps/corners are fraying at an alarming rate.

Whether it’s because the materials were manufacturer-quality (aka: mass produced, cheaply), or I’m just too hard on my belongings is a moot point: this poor bag will be trashed by the end of this year from what I consider normal use. I really like it, so I’d rather not have to discard it, *sad face* because it’s fallen apart.

The bag I bought should arrive in about a week and it will have outside side pockets for my phone, keys, Bluetooth, headphones and mini-Snickers. That means the daily, post-work heart attacks while rummaging through current bag desperately searching for my phone? Can finally stop. *siiigh* For that alone, I might have just added an additional year to my life.

The leather will be saaaawwfft. Oh so Charmin’ soft. I might be found curled up with it tucked under my chin, purring, when it arrives. I make no promises. It’ll be sturdy, the liner fabric will be thick, it zips in case of inclement weather and pickpockets, and can be slung over a shoulder.

What’s that you’re saying? Stop talking and show pictures? Well … alright ….. there’s only one right now, though. Readers, behold my new friend!

Besides, doesn’t one need a bag to be a bag-lady? 😉

Note: I swore I wouldn’t do it, but I’m already tapping at the order-processing screen, and e-stalking UPS. I want my bag! It’s too late for the mini-Snickers, I’ve eaten them all. See? In the end, I’m all about instant gratification.

8 Responses to “Adios, denied gratification!”

  1. Miss M says:

    Hmm Well Heeled an enabler, I can’t imagine that 🙂 I’m impatiently waiting for my laptop so I can’t chide anyone for spending money. I’m sure I spent more. I’ve never had a nice purse (I usually tote a messenger bag) but I use a Kate Spade wallet my mom gave me for christmas. I’d never buy it for myself, but it was fun to receive. Enjoy the new purse!

  2. L.A. Daze says:

    I love it! And it’s ok to buy things you like. As long as you won’t go into debt over it, then it’s fine. Plus, you got it on sale! Even better 🙂

  3. Not going to lie, I would do horrible things to get my hands on that bag.

    As far as splurges go, I think this one is OK – a classic, sturdy handbag is almost always a good buy!

  4. how the hell did you chew through your birthday bag!?!? 🙂

    I think it was shoddy workmanship. Yeah. Let’s say that.

    That bag is cuuuuuuute! I think if it’s a well made, well stitched bag, and (usually) leather, it will last a long time and get even better after lots and lots of use

    *lovingly eyes her yellow leather bag that she also bought*

    And if you can count on one finger of what you’ve bought in the past year or so, you are my heroine because I am clearly more spend-y than you…. 😐

  5. Abigail says:

    Hey, if you didn’t go into debt for it, the occasional indulgence is okay. (Actually, see Liz Pulliam Weston’s piece in MSN Money today about whether you’re skimping TOO much!)

    I’m a sucker for butter-soft leather so I totally get it. Though of course it can’t be BUTTER-soft leather or you wouldn’t be kosher. Ha. Gotta love corny religion humor.

  6. Crystal says:

    Oh my god, loves it!! Don’t feel bad about buying it — it’s ok to spend money on yourself like this once in a while. It’s not like you buy expensive handbags all the time! (And even if you did, would it be terrible that I’d be slightly ok with that, as long as you didn’t charge all of them?) 😀

  7. Sense says:

    no justification needed here! we all know you hardly ever do this kind of thing. Plus, I agree that a professional looking bag and one that’s useful organizationally–must have mini-Snickers at the ready at all times–is very necessary for the wardrobe.

    i’m currently trying to force myself to buy QUALITY items, even if it’s a little bit pricier. I think it will be well worth it. it sounds like this bag will fit that bill for you and get many uses.

    um…is it rude to ask how much it was and where you got it? Even if i don’t buy stuff like that very often i like to live vicariously and dream…

  8. Revanche says:

    Miss M: Ok, I’m regretting calling her that. She’s punishing me now. 😉

    My birthday bag’s likely my nicest bag, I usually double up with a TokyoPop tote bag for groceries and stuff.

    L.A.Daze: Now I KNOW you’re a bag lady. 😀 I love your bag, too.

    paranoidasteroid: LOL. This made my day. Then FB said something about splitting the bag in half. 🙁

    FB: Slowly but steadily. And with great patience. 😛

    It’s definitely leather, and I have one other bag from them (a gift) so I know the inside fabric’s good, too.

    Our shopping is in direct proportion to our dependents, I think. So we’re doing ok. 🙂 It helps that my memory’s crap.

    Abigail: Hehe, I’m only just coming to the point where “skimping too much” might possibly exist, in terms of cash flow. Before? Never. No such thing.

    This is totally the place for corny humor. There was some punnery going around earlier.

    Crystal: YES that’s terrible! If only because I am slightly terrified that I’ll go barreling down that slippery slope like it’s a slip’n’slide.

    What if I LIKE expensive bags?? Oh gads, all my pomposity about a gal I know who spends so money on bags = total hypocrisy. Augh!

    J/k. I keep those thoughts to myself.

    Sense: Buying quality at higher prices is really disconcerting. Prepare yourself! Brace yourself? I’m not sure which verb is more accurate here.

    No, this is a financial blog, it’s not rude. 🙂 I just didn’t post it before because I was still reeling from the shock of committing such a purchase. I’m still whispering, though: [, $276]

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