By: Revanche

Monday Morning Mlahs

April 27, 2009

’tis back to the grindstone, m’hearties!

Glad to be bringing home a paycheck for another few (9) weeks, but not so much to have to actually do it. Here. With these people. You understand.

Had a wonderfully *waiting* weekend with the BFF et al. We’re anxiously awaiting her new bundle of joy and have bets going on how much he’ll weigh. Your positive thoughts are much appreciated, I’m worried that he’s been so quiet.

We had other good news to celebrate: her sibling is engaged and will likely be having an Aussie wedding. I promptly texted my congratulations and asked if I was invited to the shindig. 🙂 [Yes, I am.]
I figured that I should invite myself early on to guarantee that I can find a decent flight. I’ll be doing my travel research soon, it’d be so cool if I were, ah, still unemployed and able to do a NZ and Australia jaunt in the fall. [Cool minus the part where I’d still be jobless ….. priorities, priorities…!!]

Oh, and I just realized that this will be the first wedding that I’ve attended in years where I won’t be part of the ceremony. Oh, to simply be a guest and not a working participant! Fun!

Spent $6 on admission to the Fair on Saturday, another $9 on funnel cake (with powdered sugar) and roasted corn on the cob. Friends treated us to our demolition derby tickets ($8/each).

Overspending goes hand in hand with unhealthy fair food. Refrained from buying apple butter, peach butter, cinnamon apple butter, and apricot butter. Luckily, I really only had $20 in cash, so I put a couple things on my card, and stuck to cash only the rest of the time. Total spending was about $32.50.

I wanted to treat them to lunch on Sunday for putting us up and all, but didn’t get the chance to. I did run their dishwasher for them, though. Imagine that, an Asian using the dishwasher to wash dishes! Such a novelty.

The real plan is to trade them manual labor (babysitting, cooking and cleaning) later this summer when I have time on my hands. We’ve been such close childhood friends that we’ve never practiced such etiquettely habits as host gifts and bringing wine to gatherings before, I guess there’s no reason to start formality with practically-family.

7 Responses to “Monday Morning Mlahs”

  1. Miss M says:

    Good luck to your BFF and her impending bundle of joy. Mine had a rough pregnancy (high risk) but a ridiculously easy labor and delivery. Mmm, funnel cake. Why am I drawn to naughty fair food, I always have to get one.

  2. mOOm says:

    Where in Australia is the wedding?

  3. Sense says:

    I hope the BFF’s labor and delivery are problem-free and the baby is super-healthy. I’m sure he’ll make up for the ‘quietness’ later!

    and woo-hoo! to a Oz/NZ trip! it is beautiful down here…you will have a great time. the ‘fall’ should be cheaper for airfare, as well (although the weather may be COOOOLD and rainy in most parts of NZ then…esp. for your SoCal blood! i doesn’t really warm up here til about November-ish). Let me know if you want recommendations…

  4. A junket to Australia would be the perfect way to celebrate unemployment! You need to tell prospective employers that you’ve got nonrefundable tickets…claim it’s a family thing. 😉

    Seriously, if you get a government job (state, city, county, feds), you start accruing vacation hours right away–none of that “wait a year before you can go” nonsense. Even private employers, though, will sometimes let you take a few days of unpaid leave for something special.

    Our fall is their spring. It could be pretty nice. My sister-in-sin, though, just got back from nine months in NZ–said they were having unusually cool weather.

    Best wishes to the pending mom & child.

  5. Revanche says:

    Miss M: Thanks! I think the funnel cake is the only thing I always must get.

    mOOm: I’m guessing Sydney, unless the bride truly wants a small wedding in which case, they might have it elsewhere.

    Sense: *fingers crossed* I keep calling to check, neurotically.

    I just talked to another Aussie friend who said flights were dirt cheap right now. If I can fit NZ in, I would definitely love recs.

    Funny About Money: Ah-ha! Family thing it is. It’d most definitely be a celebration of separation from THIS place.

    Might even claim being in the wedding for an extra few days. After all, what’s the point of going all the way to Australia for less than a week?

    We’ll see, fudging prospective employers may not even be a problem at that point, sad to say.

    And maybe NZ deserves a whole trip to do it justice.

  6. What, no deep-fried twinkie?

    I tried one of those once. You can actually feel your arteries clogging when you bite into it!

  7. mOOm says:

    Cool, well we’re a 3 hour drive from Sydney 🙂

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