By: Revanche

The spontaneous Easter dinner

April 12, 2009

Status: Food coma

Having nothing better to do on a lazy Sunday, I trotted ’round to the local Fresh and Easy in pursuit of a 77 cent/lb ham. The only available specimen was a hefty ten pounder, which I hoisted into my cart, and added a jug of apple juice and honey for good measure. The latter two items were for my honey-apple glaze, the idea for which I must thank the iPhone + Google.

For the record, I’ve never ever cooked a ham before. Fair warning.

The already-cooked ham was dutifully wrapped in foil, and placed in a roasting pan which, miracle of miracles, only took me ten minutes to find.

[Might I point out that this is 90% of the reason I don’t cook? It’s simply not my kitchen, and for all that I’m heartily grateful that my dad cooks 99% of the time, his idea of housekeeping and organizing is levels away from mine. And I cannot stand to cook in a messy kitchen, so as soon as the ham was wrapped and popped into the oven for the first-stage, 3-hour roast, I commenced 3 hours of dishwashing, kitchen cleaning, drain deodorizing, and grocery shopping. And cleaning out the fridge, packing food into actual containers instead of left willy-nilly on plates. Ugh! Also, matched up tops and bottoms to plastic containers.]

After the third hour, basting of the uncovered ham began, as did vegetable prep. I found this awesome recipe for new potatoes and green beans from A Veggie Venture. I didn’t want two pounds of baby red or white potatoes, so I opted for the (cheaper) loose, bulk Yukon potatoes. Tasted delicious, but I realized the reason you want the babies during the last step of cooking: the cut-up cooked potatoes got a little smashed in transition. But that didn’t affect the taste one iota.

I added rice and scarfed immediately.

Man. I’m a good kid. I made a great dinner and left the kitchen cleaner than when I started. Oh, and did I forget to mention home-made yellow cupcakes?

[No frosting, too sweet for my aging teeth.] I had to substitute olive oil for veggie oil, but that didn’t affect the taste.

Ham, $8
Juice, $2
Honey, $3
Green beans, $1.50
Potatos, $1.50
Cake, $1.50
Cleaning supplies (dish soap, vinegar, baking soda): $7
Total Cost: $24.50

6 Responses to “The spontaneous Easter dinner”

  1. Sense says:

    WOW! if i weren’t sick with a bug, i would be REALLY hungry right about now!

  2. Julie Child once said eternity was two people and a ham….

    Looks tasty!

  3. Miss M says:

    OK you’re brave, I wouldn’t substitute olive oil in something sweet. It’s probably better for you though. I have an unhealthy amount of butter and fats on hand for those sudden baking urges. You’re a great daughter!

  4. Revanche says:

    Sense: Oh dear, get better!

    Bouncing Back: Oh so wise was Julia Child … but I do love a good week with ham 😉

    Miss M: It’s only bravery if it works, entirely something else if it doesn’t. 😉

    In case I forgot to mention it, that was entirely unanticipated. I thought we HAD regular veggie oil but didn’t think to check. This is what happens when I spontaneously cook, instead of laying out all the ingredients ahead of time like usual.

  5. mOOm says:

    My parents in law leave cooked food “willy nilly” on plates outside around the kitchen. They’re from China 🙂

  6. Revanche says:

    moom: It really drives me a bit nutty. I don’t really understand it.

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