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A smattering of thoughts

May 14, 2009

I’m trying to do way too many things at once:

Make travel arrangements for my friend’s high school reunion with only travel dates and no other information, while getting the best price and travel times;
Coordinate a visit to my new nevvie this weekend with another close friend;
That hideous bridesmaid dress has to go to a seamstress 30 miles away SOON.

All this mental chaos leads to my picking up my water bottle and trying to dial it with my left hand while holding the cell phone with my right hand.

In other news …….

* Recently contacted an attorney friend for a referral to an estate planning lawyer, though I said “will and trust” lawyer so as not to imply that I think I have lots of money. He asked for a list of assets and approximate value. Unexpectedly, I was reluctant to tell him. Maybe because I think I should have saved more for what I’ve made? Because I think I should have a bigger, rounder number? Who knows. Emotions are weird.

* I’d really like, if I ever had to replace or modify my eyesight, to have the ability to instantaneously evaluate potential parking spots and determine if they’re big enough. I hate pulling up next to a spot and calculating if I’m too big, or it’s too small and driving away disappointed.

* I miss sprouts. What’s wrong with sprouts that our cafeteria won’t carry them right now? Should I grow my own? Loved this how-to from guest poster Laura at Almost Frugal.

* Of course this is practically the most exciting thing I’ve read all day: Flexo’s post on the 2009 Federal Income Tax Brackets and Marginal Rates. I really like seeing the new tax brackets. Can’t wait to trot out new estimated taxes for my friend’s projected salary.

2 Responses to “A smattering of thoughts”

  1. I am also super awful at judging distances and whether a car can fit or not

    This is because I keep switching sizes of cars!

    minivan to compact to midsize to SUV

    I can’t judge to save my life. I need to get ONE CAR and drive it for 2 years and stick with it, practicing in the parking lots of a billion grocery stores

  2. Revanche says:

    FB: No real excuse here, I’ve had my car for … 6 years now.

    But then again I don’t drive 5 days out of the week, either. I used to go from my car, to the sedan, to the long-bed truck and back. Surprisingly, I AM usually pretty good at parallel parking.

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