By: Revanche

Bride’s maid duties: beyond the wedding

May 18, 2009

Finally home.

32 hours of this weekend were a bolus of driving and domesticity the likes of which will not be repeated for at least another month. Unless absolutely necessary.

BFF had her baby, and at two weeks and 9 lbs, he is the cutest dragon baby I’ve ever had the pleasure of cuddling. Opinions are divided as to whether it’s more of a dragon or dinosaur-like child, but I’m voting dragon. And Auntie Revanche drove 8 hours round trip to cook, clean, wash and fold for this child’s parents, so she’s entitled to a full vote!

After a 4 hours on the road Saturday, and a stop at the grocery store, I let the proud and sleep-deprived mommy get to changing yet another diaper while I rolled my sleeves up in their kitchen. They had their very own live cooking show, and her husband and our other friend were occasionally drafted as my sous chefs.

After almost four hours in the kitchen, I’m proud to say that Kevin’s Turkey Chili recipe [sans beans, plus multi-grain rice] was excellent. Likewise, his recipe for tilapia with pesto and roasted tomatoes was excellent and disappeared entirely. But the variation on the theme of Hainanese chicken and rice disappointed (me). We substituted a brown rice which was delicious, but I had to use deboned frozen chicken breast meat instead of a whole chicken, and probably used just a cup or two too much water when making the chicken stock. The rice was more moist than I prefer, but the chicken just wasn’t perfect.

Never mind, though. Having never made any of those recipes, two of three under pressure and in doubled quantities turning out well isn’t a terrible showing. [Clearly, I am no longer a perfectionist. Not after nearly 4 hours in the kitchen.] The point was to make decently cooked meals with enough leftovers for the Husband’s lunch and their dinners for at least a couple days. BFF is only just now able to get around a bit, so this should give her a chance to slowly ease into a more active routine.

Our visiting meant they were eating off real china for the first time in weeks since I was more than happy to deal with pots, pans, and dishes, three loads of laundry, and snapped 689 photos of baby.

I’d like to think we were exemplary house guests, for once. 😉

I split the cost of gas with Friend ($19), and paid for the groceries ($21). I got off lightly on the grocery front because they already had the frozen chicken and the turkey, so I only had to buy one protein of the three.

My reward was cuddling dragon baby during the movie after dinner, and darned if it wasn’t the most blissful two hours ever. He’s like a half puppy half baby right now the way he curls up in his sleep, and snuggles into your shoulder or neck. *sigh* Baby squeaks are irresistably darling. Can’t say I’d mind borrowing him once in a while if he stays this lovable. Though, I only think the crying is cute up to about a month old. Even the angry crying. After that, though, it’s a bit too loud.

3 Responses to “Bride’s maid duties: beyond the wedding”

  1. mOOm says:

    Why “dragon”? It’s not the year of the dragon? (I was born in the year of the dragon)

  2. LOL!!!!

    Cuddly cute baby squeaks. Ahh.. *thinking to when her nephews and nieces were babies*

    My one nephew was a monster. He cried allllllllll the time if he didn’t get his way every second of the day.

    I can see it in his personality now.

    The other nephew was a lot calmer.

  3. Revanche says:

    mOOm: Because he does this thing where he pulls his lips into a beak-like pucker, while waving his short arms around, that makes him look vaguely dragonish. You can almost imagine him mantling little wings.

    FB: Yikes! I don’t know how well I’d deal with an infant/child like that.

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