By: Revanche

False Alarms and dribs and drabs

May 27, 2009

Just when it seemed like things were moving along swimmingly, I got the following notices in quick succession last week:

WAMU Investments: My rolled-over account is still alive, with 2 cents in it.
Ugh! Is it unreasonable that I just want m’darned account closed for good? No. No it’s not. Not long after the letter arrived, I saw that the brokerage account had been converted to a Chase account. Maybe I can get the two cents applied to my credit card balance. 😛

Citibank: My CD expired on May 15th and I have to call or send a letter via postal mail to make arrangements.
Why can’t I just log into my account and click on a box that says: cash out my CD! or Rollover! The CD department had the nerve to question my cashing it out saying, “we have excellent interest rates, and you won’t be earning nearly as much interest in your checking account.”
Uh, I’m not an idiot. I’m not leaving that money in my checking account, duh, and your interest rates are Not Nearly Awesome Enough. Hmph! I was perhaps a little huffier than the situation called for since I was in no mood to hear a sales pitch.

Prudential: A letter in the mail stated that they never received my long-form and that my application was being closed. Lies! I’d already gotten a letter from my employer stating that my increased life insurance was approved and in effect. But I called anyway to be sure, and found that sure enough, my policy is in force. Chalk another one up for wasting my time.


Emigrant Direct: In a fit of pique, I started to transfer all my money out. Except it gets marginally more interest (0.05%) than ING Direct, and they’ve both peeved me something special with their blockage of Yodlee. So I guess most of that money can stay put. But I feel like locking up about 10K in a CD at 2.25% APY. No, it’s not great, but it’s a full percentage point above my Citi savings accounts.


Today’s the day. Y’know. The Day.

3 Responses to “False Alarms and dribs and drabs”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I hope you’re offered a wonderful opportunity….but only via snail mail after a verbal or electronic form! 🙂

  2. Miss M says:

    Hilarious, I think we all experience these every day annoyances. The other week I got a stack of mail from state farm on the same day, a series of late notices, friendly reminders that the bill was due and payment received notices? What a waste of paper and energy. Some accounts are nearly impossible to close, they like to make it hard!

  3. Revanche says:

    Karen: Me too! 🙂

    Miss M: My auto insurance does the same thing! It drives me nuts. I would love for them to hurry up and get with the online business model already.

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