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Status Quo

May 19, 2009

The comments over at GRACEful Retirement made me laugh a little. Many of the commenters were noting that they enjoy posts of all varieties whether they’re updeat or downtrodden, and that openness is why they enjoy reading blogs.

Not that I’m known for being terribly sunshiney, but posting has been sporadic lately because I just haven’t felt like showcasing my life’s warts and bruises. That’s not to say that what I have posted about has been untrue to what I’m up to, it’s just been more focused because I didn’t want to morph into the Boo-boo-blues Diaries.

But, a quick update on the topics I’ve been avoiding:

1. My family is still driving me crazy. The brother is still only randomly coming through with monthly payments and I’m regretting allowing him back under our roof. It’s not full-house access, but still. Egh. The need to Get Out is ever stronger, and the longer I’m around them, frustrated, the more strained our relationship becomes. And still watching my mom’s mental and physical health deteriorating … let’s just say I’m not dealing with that very well at ALL.

2. Six more weeks to freedom! [or, y’know. Unemployment, and all that that entails.]

3. I’m at very loose ends with regards to my financial goals….

3a. and have been online window shopping way too much. Partly out of boredom, partly because my stuff is wearing out. My go-to flats are nearly destroyed, and … I *need* a new dress for an event later this summer. It’s the last work-related shindig, and I don’t have anything suitable. Never mind that this layoff has zero to do with me or my abilities, not having a job lined up eats at my pride. A lot. [Not to mention, has me privately freaking out a good deal.] So you know, new dress, strong showing, pretend to all the people I’ve known for almost 5 years that I’m poised, confident and polished. Employable!

4. It’s not like not making plans for a few months is the end of the world, but it signals stagnation and boredom on my part. I’m stuck in a purgatory of searching for jobs and contacts, sending in apps, working the network, and coming up empty. Rinse and repeat.

Intellectually, I know I will be fine. I’ve saved, I’ve hunted jobs like a fiend, my reputation in the field is strong and as long as I wait 6 more weeks, I’ll be eligible for unemployment if it comes to that. I can even afford to take a few short vacations, during my down time, provided they’re not extravagant.

Constitutionally, though, it’s hard to go on faith for so long, even backed by a good sized emergency fund.

3 Responses to “Status Quo”

  1. Abigail says:

    Well, two other bloggers have cited you as a shopping-temptress. So shame on you, missy!

    Seriously, though, sorry to hear about the brother situation. I know how stressful family can be. Just being around my brother-in-law knots up my shoulders something fierce!

    It sounds like you have resources so you may not qualify, but have you started checking out what services you might qualify for? Depending on your family size, it may be something to check into.

  2. Money Funk says:

    Family will always drive you nuts. Or perhaps that is just my family. lol.

    Vacation? even a local vacation is a vacation. I like that work, “Vacation”. It has a nice ring to it. Oh, maybe I should take one. haha!

    Good luck on the continuing job hunt

  3. Revanche says:

    Abigail: Wait a second! Both of them have been named as temptresses, too, in fact they started it! Why don’t they get in trouble?

    They may qualify for more services without me in the household, actually, and that’d be a good thing because if I actually land a position elsewhere, I’m taking it.

    As for what we’d be eligible for with me around: unemployment. And that’ll suffice for all necessities. No frills, just the monthly.

    Money Funk: I was really hoping that it was more of a because-I-still-live-with-them thing. No such luck, huh?

    Vacations may revolve around events, but we’ll see.

    Thanks, I’m definitely going to put that luck to good use.

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