By: Revanche

Weekend Wins

June 2, 2009

  • I’m getting better at this cooking thing. Dinner creation: sole, quinoa cooked in a rice-like fashion, and lemon butter haricot verts! [Right, green beans. But the schmancy packaging said haricot verts.]

  • And I made a luscious lobster macaroni and cheese, which I forgot to capture on digi-film because we dug in so quickly. It might even be better than my last favorite mac’n’cheese incarnation. I can think of a few changes I’d make to it, though.
  • We saw UP this weekend. It was so good. Very cute, moving, a little sad (yes, I teared up), but very good.
  • New shoes, 35% off, filed under budget-cheat because they were a gift. They won’t be the multi-purpose walking/casual shoes I was really looking for, but that’s ok because these 993s hug my heels and support them like a good friend. And yes, 35% off is hardly my style when the shoes still ring up to $95, so I can only take my solace in knowing that we clocked in the world’s shortest shoe shopping expedition. Walked in, looked at the wall for a minute, pointed at the ones I wanted. Not counting the time it took Dorky Sales Guy to find the shoes, the selection and decision process took 7 minutes, tops.

  • New 1/2 sleeve button down shirt for work, on sale and another 20% off because the shirt was missing a button. Silly people: the shirt comes with an extra button! But of course no big-box retailer is going to pay their employees to sew on a button to save $5. So I will! Thank you.
  • And my PF blogger win? We sprung for the 3-D tickets because it was an earlier showing. We used premium movie passes worth $10.50 each, and paid the 3-D surcharge ($5) with a gift card. Total: $26.50. I’m not sure what kind of math they were using for that, though, because 21+5=$26. Except we got to the theatre a little late and the place was packed to the rafters; the only empty seats were in the front row. We’re too old for that nonsense, so we went to Customer Service to exchange the tickets for a later, non 3-D showing. I offered the CS rep our gift card to replenish with $5, and waited. And waited. And waited some more. I could see he was having trouble, at one point fumbling with his own wallet, and I started to grin evilly.

    I had no intention of causing trouble for the poor guy, I was just trying to save him the use of a new gift card! But, evidently, as the sweat beads formed on his forehead, I realized he didn’t know how or simply couldn’t add the $5 to the card. He returned with two tickets in hand for the later showing, a free movie voucher card, and said “it’ll be just a minute.” My friend was happy, willing to walk away with the free movie voucher which was worth another $9.50. I, however, stood firm. If nothing else, I insisted, he had to return with the gift card – we still have $5 on that thing and that’s cash value! I don’t care if the value of the voucher was almost equal to the $10 in GC that he owed, I expected that gift card with $5 back. Friend thought I was pushing it, I simply smiled and shooed him off.

    Five minutes later, the discombobulated fellow returned, flush with apology, another free movie pass, and the original gift card. I graciously told him not to worry about it, confirmed that the gift card still had the remaining $5 on it, and walked away with two free movie tickets, worth $10 each, in exchange for the “loss” of a $5 value on the gift card.

    I could probably have suggested that he simply load up a new card, but that would have been pushing it. He needed to towel off as it was. 🙂

3 Responses to “Weekend Wins”

  1. Oh, I’ve been hearing such good things about Up!

    way to go on the cooking!

    Oh, and I’m new to visiting your blog, I can’t remember how I found you…maybe twitter? Hi!

  2. Abigail says:

    Way to go on the movie theater thing! I have to say, it was fun in 3-D but definitely not necessary to enjoy it. Especially given all the booty you got away with!

    Up was truly wonderful! Tim and I both got sniffly in several parts. I guess, as still relatively newlyweds, I’m just not ready to contemplate a life without him.

    We had high expectations going into the film, but I have to say that Pixar once again managed to exceed them.

  3. Revanche says:

    graduatedlearning: However you got here, welcome!

    I would definitely recommend seeing Up, and from Abby’s comment, either 2-D or 3-D will do.

    Abigail: Thanks! It was really three parts luck, one part persistence, but I’m glad I stuck around. 🙂

    I suspect happily long-term marrieds would be a bit sniffly, too. It was so well done.

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