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Highlights and lowlights

July 22, 2009

Homemade dinner 🙂

Central Park: The NY Philharmonic is playing free concerts in Central Park this summer, and I had the chance to attend Friday night. We were in the furthest back corner from the orchestra, but the acoustics were excellent and you could hear the music perfectly. It was a perfect summer evening, sitting on the blanket with girlfriends, wine, cheese, bread and jam. We were looking forward to the fireworks at the end, but the cloud cover burst and we were quickly drenched in a downpour. I failed to take a picture of the perfection. Flexo was there! I didn’t see him. Er, I wouldn’t know if I saw him, actually.

Pravda: Described as an underground Russian bar, I had the dubious pleasure of enjoying the strongest vodka martini of my life. At $14, I had more than my money’s worth well before I reached the halfway point, and was forced to order Speck with bread and cheese to stave off the embarrassment of passing out. Without a doubt, my single martini was stronger than the Limontini, White Russian and French Martinis ordered ‘round the table, combined. Naturally, I shared. Ambience: excellent. Memorable moment: while waiting in line for the two unisex washrooms, a dude in a striped shirt, texting, graciously waved us girls in ahead of him. Friend later speculated that that’s a decent potential conversation starter as it clearly generated good will. Confusion first, but good will that lasted.

East Village: On a mission to pick up goodies for the park excursion, I decided to hike south through the East Village and Lower East Side. Along the way, I discovered Pommes Frites, and a string of tiny little parks.

Bleeker/Carmine/6th Ave: Joe’s Famous Pizza. It only took two weeks, but I finally made it over there for a slice. Delicious. I have to hope that I’ve not been ruined for pizza elsewhere because I never believed that NY pizza was the epitome of pizzas…. Except it’s really really good. I love the really thin, light and chewy crusts. Surprisingly, I never went to town on an entire pie by myself. Really should have given that a go.

Rice to Riches: The rice pudding place that NY friend always takes newcomers to, and I tag along only so that I can collect their flying saucer like containers. I am that girl. Only worse, because who goes to shops where they won’t eat the food but want the containers? Weeeiird.

Friends: Two friends are entrepreneurs, and I materially benefited from our relationship: I tried on pretty clothing, none of which I took home, and I got to try on a pretty necklace that I did get to take home. Sparkly …..

Missed Opportunities: There’s an Edible Gardens thing going on in the Bronx, and I managed to miss it all. Also, I really wanted to go salsa dancing at one of those places that have a free lesson before they play the real stuff. If I’d paid an extra $356, I could have upgraded to First class and gotten my own personal media player. Totally worth it if I got to keep it, and it also transformed into a Netbook. And an EasyBake Oven.

2 Responses to “Highlights and lowlights”

  1. Grace. says:

    O you ARE making me nostalgic. My fondest memories of NYC involve concerts, opera and theatre in Central Park, stepping from blanket to blanket inspecting the food that others were bringing which ranged from pizza boxes to fried chicken with cornbread, to wine and cheese. Of course, I was there watching a Shakespearean play for free when the great blackout hit!

  2. Money Funk says:

    The Philharmonic sounds like so much fun. I’ve never been to NY, but your words describe it great!

    AS for the pizza…reminds me of when I went to Chicago. The chicago dog really does taste better at home. 😉

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