By: Revanche

June Snapshot

July 4, 2009

Retirement Savings

Roth IRA: $3,968
401(a): $7,498
403(b): $17,480
Total: $ 28,946 (27,540)

Emergency Savings

Catastrophe: $ 35,394
Problem Cushion: $ 1,000
Total: $ 36,394 (30,594)

Short Term Goals

Car Maintenance: $2,217
Insurance: $2,491
Travel/Con: $ 1,549
Taxes: $3,377
Moving: $3,980
Total: $ 13,614 (10,851)

Long Term Goals

House Down Payment: $102


TradeKing: $1,000
Prosper-ish Loan: $12,630
Personal Loan: $1,500
Savings Bond: $362 (current accrued value)
Total: $ 15,492 (14,992)

Total Assets

Illiquid: $ 28,946
Semi-Liquid: $15,492
Liquid: $36,394
Expense Acct: $9,108
Goals Savings: $13,614
Total: $ 103,554 (93,517)

Debt and Liabilities

AX: $154
Chase: $46
Rent: $1360
Total: $ 1,550 (2,004)

Net Worth

$ 102,004 (91,513)

Happy Fourth of July!
This is cheating a wee little bit, late as it is, but I’ve been using mostly cash here, funded by the sale of the iPod, with a few credit card purchases so the numbers are fairly accurate.

Holy crapola. There’s nothing like being a whole 2 grand over the six figure mark to make me want to stop spending RIGHT NOW. I’m going to take a moment and enjoy the fact I managed to hit those numbers before thumping down to earth with the realization that I’ve just applied for unemployment a couple days ago and I’m still in NYC with a belly to feed. Oh holy cow.

Being on vacation has turned my brain to mush: I constantly lose track of days, and haven’t sent out my resume to the guy who requested it week before last. I’ve only been slightly connected via Twitter/phone and it’s been really fun, but a little unsettling as well.

There’s a bit of me that wants to extend this trip for another few days. $150 change fee…. a few more days of subway travel …. ??

5 Responses to “June Snapshot”

  1. Anonymous says:

    First send the resume then extend the trip. 🙂

  2. Miss M says:

    Awesome net worth, I can’t wait to crack the 6 figures. Hopefully it will happen before too long. Try not to stress about spending, you obviously are very good about saving for the future.

  3. You should definitely stay to make up for the bad weather last week. We finally have some sun! Between walking and the subway, you won’t need to take any cabs. It’s not as confusing as it seems. I learned how to get around NYC by using It’s also possible to eat cheaply. Check out, filter by the $ category and then sort by highest ratings. Also many restaurants offer early bird specials or dinner deals for days earlier in the week, when people are less likely to be dining out.

  4. MoneyFunk says:

    What a fabulous snap shot. I wish I could say the same, but I imagine the figures would be backwards. 😉

    Glad to hear you are having fun!

  5. Revanche says:

    Karen: Yes’m! 🙂

    Miss M: Between this trip and Australia, I may be hard put to keep it there.

    Cents in the City: I’ve only taken one cab since getting here, and that was because we were waiting eons for the next E train. So glad I’ve made it by walking and subwaying this whole time.

    MoneyFunk: I dunno, you’re doing quite a good job these days, I’d say!

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