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Your input is requested

July 30, 2009

Would you rather spend $250 for two nights in a standard hotel, or redeem (all) 60,000 Hilton points and save the cash?

The points took six years to accumulate because I’m not focused on collecting hotel points right now, but it’s currently only enough to only pay for, say, half a room in a desirable location like NYC or San Diego. In another six, assuming no difference in spending patterns, I could maybe get one room in a nice hotel, for a single night.


Keep this or return it?

I was in a total bind for my interview yesterday, I needed a black bag and haven’t had time this month to find and buy a good one.

Pros: 1. It was only $30. On an unemployed budget, that’s doable.
2. It’s not as shiny as in the picture, so less cheap looking.
3. It’s very lightweight.
4. It’s soft. Not Super Soft, but soft.
5. It’s the right size for basic interview essentials with room left over for the suit jacket in hundred degree weather.
6. I already have it: I hate bag shopping so this could save me a lot of time and money.

Cons: 1. It’s polyurethane so it’s going to have a slightly plastic look on the handles and that looks disgusting when it breaks down
2. The front side zip pocket is surprisingly shallow
3. The bag is a little on the thing side (3 inches wide?)
4. It’s very slouchy. Seems like the slouchiness would be less professional looking.
5. It’s a mag-closure. I want my bags to be all things in all situations, and mag closure means it’s not waterproof.
6. But still, quality is a question. [companion to Pro #6]

6 Responses to “Your input is requested”

  1. Crystal says:

    I really like the look of it, and you can’t beat the price, but polyurethane tends to look cheap in real life if not done right. If you’re worried about quality, I’d probably return it. 😛

    And I think I’d take the cash from the Hilton points. 12 years is a long time to earn one night in nice hotel!

  2. Honestly, I’d save the cash and use the points.

    I never like leaving a points balance on anything — I try to use everything I can.

    As for the bag, it’s cheap-ish, but not at first glance.. and it IS only $30.

    I mean whaddya gonna do? 🙂

    Can you re-gift it later? 😉

  3. L.A. Daze says:

    Use the points – who knows if 6 years from now they will discontinue their rewards program.

    Return the bag. Me no likey.

  4. I guess my question is what drew you to the bag in the first place? If you have to go on more interviews, it will come in handy. Maybe right now the correct choice is to pay a little for something you’ll probably only need for a few months while you’re interviewing?

    And I vote to use the points for all the reasons everyone else says.

  5. Use the points or if they’ll give you cash, grab it and run.

    If the purse served OK for the job interview, but I was concerned about it starting to look tacky after a few uses, I’d prob’ly stash it to use only with job interviews. It doesn’t look all that bad in the photo…nondescript enough that it doesn’t call attention to itself. For thirty bucks, it’s your basic throwaway. If you carry it a dozen times, you’ve only paid $2.50/use.

  6. Revanche says:

    Everyone: Thanks for the input! I tally 2 votes for returns, and 3 for keep until I find something better or just for the interim.

    And unanimous for using the points.

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