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ING Direct: $50 Bonus with Electric Orange Checking

August 7, 2009

Even if ING hasn’t been the highest savings rate leader it once was, I still keep some money with them. Paltry though the interest rates are, that’s pretty much the case across the board at all of my banks. Since I’ve been going minimalist, one step at a time, I’ve refrained from opening more accounts at new banks in the name of rate chasing. If any bank offers the whole package, and allows me to access my own accounts using an aggregator, though, I’m switching! [Watch yourself, ING!]

In the meantime, their interface remains easy to navigate, and the bright orange motif attractive. No, the latter means nothing to me as a customer, it’s just true.

Their Electric Orange checking account has been at least a little intriguing because I’m going to run out of paper checks soon, and it’d be nice to have an alternative to buying another 300 checks to last a lifetime.


People I’m grateful for:

1. Massage therapist friend. I paid her $48 for a Swedish massage and for the first time since Sunday, I can (carefully) raise my arm above elbow height!!! Oh, the freedom. My shoulder’s only sensitive/tender, and not throbbing with pain today, and I have half use of most of my fingers again. Sweet sweet recovery. If I can sleep the night through, it’ll be the first time in a week.

2. Bestie. Despite toting a 3-month-old with her, she was unquestioningly generous in chaffeuring me during our get-togethers this week. She’s not been in town for months, but she was great about making it possible for us to spend time together during a seriously painful week. We kept it very low-key, running one errand a day and hanging out at her parents’ place afterwards, but I’m grateful nonetheless.

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  1. Yipe! Did I miss something? How did you hurt your shoulder?

    Try moist heat on it…different from an ordinary heating pad. Check out the offerings at a chain drugstore: for a reasonable price you should find the kind of h.p. that allows you to wrap a damp cover around it. This makes a big difference for shoulder pain.

    Or, cheaper and something you don’t have to plug in: Sometimes you can find a microwavable heating thing that’s filled with (hang onto your hat…) oatmeal. Yeah. Oatmeal, as it develops, releases moisture when it’s hot, so these things function as de-facto moist heat. And you’re not tethered to a wall socket. The stuff retains warmth for quite a while, better than the gel thingies.

    If a person wanted to make her own, she could do it by filling a man’s sock with steel-cut oats, the stuff sold as “Irish oatmeal,” and sewing it shut….

  2. Revanche says:

    Funny About Money: It was actually an RA flareup that started in my hands last Thursday. Thanks to overexertion over the weekend, the hands got much worse and the pain spread through the wrists, arms, shoulders, neck, and back. You know how that goes.

    Thanks for the tip about the oatmeal, I’d heard of the using rice but didn’t feel like it held enough heat, long enough. I’m going to make up a sock tonight.

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