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Promotions and Free Stuff

August 4, 2009

Free Wi-Fi at Barnes and Noble – Use the storefinder to see if you’ve got a free access store near you. Thanks to Jonathan of My Money Blog and Lifehacker.

2 Free Hours of Wi-Fi at Starbucks – Also from Jonathan. When you have a registered gift card and use it once a month, you can get 2 hours of free wi-fi.

Tradeking celebrates National Friendship Day – Between August 1 and August 27, a referral nets both parties $50 each after a $1000 deposit and trade has been executed. Email me [ – @-] if you would like a referral!

200 Bonus minutes and text messages for AT&T FAN customers – If you have a FAN [Foundation Account Number] account, you can try calling in to add feature codes for freebies. My CSR had some trouble figuring out how to add them, and it took her a while to access the codes, but she was able to add 200 free bonus minutes [U200] and 200 free bonus text messages [CLL2]. Found on Fatwallet.

I’m pretty psyched about that last one, I’ve been very frustrated with the limited number of minutes and texts on my plan for a long time. Using the phone conservatively worked when I was employed but it’s been particularly hard during the job hunt with interviews and such.

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  1. do you get the 200 bonus minutes and text messages for life or is it a promotion for just 1 month? Can you send the link for the actual thread on fatwallet?

  2. Revanche says:

    calgirlfinance: The CSR thinks it’s for the life of the plan, but if you change plans (as opposed to canceling outright and restarting again), you should be able to have them carry over the bonus features. Probably YMMV. I’ve updated the post to include the link to the thread in the title of the last selection. Click on through!

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