By: Revanche

Idle curiousity about Google Adsense

September 27, 2009

Has anyone reached the $100 payout level and actually received a payment? Ever?

VH discussed her troubles with this over at Funny About Money, and Krystal at Give Me My Five Bucks is approaching the $100 marker (via Twitter). I know they’re not the only ones, either, but what I don’t know is whether or not anyone out there has actually made and been paid money from the Adsense program.

I never really expected to make money from this blog, but I installed the widgets anyway way back in the day. Contrary to my dire predictions of January 2008, it’s only taken me another 21 months to earn all of $90 in total, so perhaps 13 years was a pessimistic projection. Then again, maybe not! As I inch towards the goal line, though, I wonder if it matters. Even if I reach $100, will Google actually pay up?

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  1. festival says:

    Thanks for the mention… It’d be interesting to know other people’s experience! It’s almost the end of September, and so far I haven’t seen a dime.

    They now claim to have issued a check for something over two hundred dollah. But apparently they can “issue” a check but not put it in the mail for a month or so. I guess I’m willing to wait until the end of October. But after that, well…why clutter up your website for nothing?

  2. Agreed with festival

    I put in for the cheque to be delivered and now I have to wait until end of Oct before RE-FILING AGAIN for my cheque to be cut and issued

    WHY THE HELL can’t they Paypal that money?

  3. MLR says:

    Eh, they can’t paypal it because they have a competitor: Google Checkout.

    And I’ve received checks like clockwork. So I received last month’s earnings on the 25th of this month.

  4. Miss M says:

    Yes on both counts, I reached the mythical payout back in July and got paid towards the end of August – $113. I had set up the direct deposit so magically one day the money appeared in my bank account, no fuss no muss. Sorry that some people are having trouble, they do say it will take a month or so to receive your payout after the end of the month in which you reach $100. So if you reach the payout mark at the beginnning of a month you may have to wait 2 months to see the money. Also they payout whatever is your balance at the end of that month, not in $100 increments, hence my $113 payment.

  5. Lulu says:

    I have gotten money from Adsense as well and I set up the direct deposit to ING. It does take a while when you first get started but they do pay you on time. I usually get my payouts on the 28th of the month as long as I have reached $100 the previous month.

    If you do not reach $100 in a month then the amount rolls over to the next month, so you might not get anything for two months and then get a big amount three months later.

  6. Money Funk says:

    LOL! I figured ti would take me 50 years to reach the $100 mark. 😉

  7. Revanche says:

    festival: If I ever hit payout, I’ll have to reconsider the benefit of keeping Adsense. Especially if I want to head over to WordPress!

    FB: Wait, have you gotten a check yet?

    MLR: Good to know someone’s getting paid!

    Miss M: Re: Direct deposit. I’m going to set that up now, maybe it’ll inspire some magic. I’m glad they do the full balance, and not increments of $100.

    Lulu: Sure hope I start earning at those levels someday, else it won’t be worth keeping these ads up.

    MoneyFunk: Have you reached the payout level yet?

  8. mapgirl says:

    Yes you will get your money. Yes you can use Adsense with WP. I do.

    I have it direct deposited to my bank account. It’s easy and there is no extra fee with my bank for doing so.

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