By: Revanche

Shrimp Salad, on the fly

September 7, 2009

My original intent was to make this decadent recipe of French Garlic Prawns from Almost Bourdain.

The shrimp was on sale for $5/lb, and 3/4 lb was sure to provide enough to cholesterol and artery cloggage for any two people I know. Cooking plans kept getting thwarted though, by one social obligation after another, all involving eating out and never anything so good as to warrant posting. That may be the real tragedy here.

Eventually, though, the shrimp HAD to be cooked lest it become another hapless casualty of Food Forgotten in the Fridge. That many Fs cannot be good for anyone: wallet or hygiene.

To replace the lavishly buttery baked shrimp recipe, a quick search of the fridge yielded a host of other ingredients that simply begged to be used worthily. Almost a whole bag of salad greens went onto the plates, followed by fresh tomato wedges just in their prime.

The shrimp – oh heavenly pre-deveined shrimp! – were peeled and lightly dunked in boiling water for the exactly right 45 seconds. As soon as they turned pink, lost all their raw grayishness, they were swished once, and rescued from the water. A cold water bath later, the perfectly cooked shrimp were crisp and yielded a satisfyingly textured crunch when bitten into.

Tossed onto their salad bed. A swirl of olive oil, a squeeze of lemon, and quick grate of pepper.


All for under $10.

2 Responses to “Shrimp Salad, on the fly”

  1. Glorioski! You just gave me a great idea. Thank you!

    I’d planned to bring a bean salad (easy, cheap, plentiful) to a potluck for a large group. But got one-upped by the first person who got to the sign-up list (how dare she write down “bean salad”?). At a loss as to what else to say I’d bring, I scribbled in “green salad.” Boooooring…

    I’ve got a nice package of lovely frozen shrimp. Bet I can adapt this pretty recipe to convert “green salad” into something special for a crowd!

  2. Revanche says:

    Funny about Money: Please do share a picture!

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