By: Revanche

Weather’s my excuse for everything these days

September 14, 2009

Being self-motivated while “between opportunities” has unique challenges; it’s a bit more complicated when health issues get a vote in what you do each day. As some of you know, I’ve been raring to move out, move on, and make serious career changes. All the get-up-and-go in the world doesn’t offset the physical considerations of an immune disease, though, so once again, I’ve had to make compromises.

When it’s too hot out, I just want to stay in a cool, slightly dark hole. With free wi-fi. Failing that, the library. When it cools down, I’m not as thrilled as I should be because the damp and chill get right into my bones. Still, it goes against the grain to let pain and grinding fatigue dictate my entire schedule, so I’m eating the ugliest frog today. For the next six hours, or as long as the energy lasts, this is the action plan.

We’ll start with discharging the internet obligations:
(while the laundry is in the wash)
1. Emails
2. Sign up for some courses online (anticipating huge reluctance here: it’s going to cost $1250 just for the classes.)
3. Finalizing a freelance contract.

All things I can do from the comfort of my desk, after which it’ll be on to the library to track down a textbook for that online class to save myself $26 (purchase) or $12 (renting from

AND to make sure I don’t lose track of time again – every day feels like Saturday now – I’ve created a Google Calendar. It’s a departure from my usual obsessive pen-and-paper planner but it’s free, it’s lightweight 😉 and it fits my newly evolving lifestyle.

Bonus tasks: pick up the dry cleaning, grocery shopping.

How’s that for a SMART goal?

5 Responses to “Weather’s my excuse for everything these days”

  1. mOOm says:

    What classes are you going to take? Assuming you are a self-employed freelancer until something else might come along might be the best way to stay disciplined. So it’s not just about the vague future position but work you can get and do right now. What’s the freelance contract?

  2. It seems like the heat wave is over, but now it is going to get cool. Seems like you are holding up well — let me know if there is anything I can do!

    Eating ugly frogs… sounds icky, but I don’t think I’d like cute frogs either.

  3. Sense says:

    Hmmm, I identify with the annoyance of being motivated to check things off on the to-do list, but not having enough energy to do them! That is awful that pain also accompanies that fatigue for you. 🙁

    Woo-hoo to a freelance contract! I’ve always wondered: how do you get them??

    Here’s hoping for waves of energy…and to not getting too frustrated about ‘wasting time’ in between. Thank Gods for the internet! 🙂

  4. Revanche says:

    mOOm: I’m taking two intro finance classes. The freelance contract is something new, it’s actually quite similar to the work we discussed via email some time ago.

    stackingpennies: I’m assuming the ugliest frogs get the most butter.

    Sense: Re: contract: Totally random, I’ve applied for lots of freelance positions before and this was the only one to pan out.

  5. mOOm says:

    Sounds good. Let us know how the freelancing goes.

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