By: Revanche

“Keep Unread” could be my undoing

October 21, 2009

That “keep unread” option on Google Reader always seemed like a good thing until I started abusing it. (Isn’t that always the way it is?)  I wanted to keep everything from My Money Blog, or whichever blog I was skimming, unread because it’s all useful information. It became the electronic equivalent of filing paperwork: I’d open something, note that it was interesting, and then Keep Unread so I could deal with it later.

Voila!  I made Google Reader three times less efficient!  Not only do I only skim the post the first time ’round, I’m not acting on it and saving it for later.  While I skip around Reader not doing anything about the interesting post, I’m wading hip deep in Read-but-save-for-later posts.  When I finally get ’round to dealing with them, I’ve got a huge stash of posts that need attention.  

*Shame on me!*

No real promises, but I’m trying to keep the clicking of “Keep Unread” under control. I take a second to think about whether I really need the information, or if I truly plan on using it.  Or commenting, even. If I wanted to comment on it, just go do so.  If not, read and move on.

It’s amazing how easily a new bad habit can form without conscious thought. I wonder if that’s how MOST bad habits start?

3 Responses to ““Keep Unread” could be my undoing”

  1. I use the star, share, share with note and email functions on Google reader to keep my head organized with information I need or don’t need.

  2. Revanche says:

    Hm, I really should start using the other functions.

  3. I do this too, and I think the biggest problem is that the articles that I *actually* want to read get lost, and I only end up reading the short, silly articles that take less time. Combine that with the fact that google reader marks as read everything after 30 days. I think I need to work on a new method.

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