By: Revanche

No pictures for the squeamish

October 17, 2009

But guys…. you should really see it.  I went to the Cal-UCLA game today, wore flats that are now officially dead to me, and now my pinky toe (the worst casualty of many) has become a blister.  That’s it. It’s like I’ve got a blister with a toenail for a toe now.  It’s so gross.  And I have other blisters to watch, too. 

Oh but that’s not the only reason I’m sharing it with you. I was scolded for wearing my flats with a tank top and shorts.  I was told it was a “faux pas.”  It’s in quotes because I think it’s preposterous.  You can wear flats with shorts, right?  Have I lost my mind? Was that pre-heat stroke wardrobing? 

5 Responses to “No pictures for the squeamish”

  1. That is NOT a fashion faux pas. I do it all the time

    What was their reasoning behind wearing flats and shorts?… wtf really

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s not a faux pas. I guess they thought you should wear heels instead. Especially to a sporting event.

  3. L.A. Daze says:

    Lol I do it all the time, flats with shorts. It’s perfectly fine. Maybe they expected you to wear sneakers to a game?

  4. Sense says:

    never heard of that rule!

    also, you should have seen my 4 toenails when they fell off after a hike. totally gnarly!

    Hope the toes heal soon!!

  5. Revanche says:

    LOL, not a rule, simply a guy who didn’t know better. He insisted, but I told him I’d poll my internet people and prove him wrong.

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