By: Revanche

Playing collections agent

October 10, 2009

By which I mean: I’m getting my money back via refunds and such.

The Epson is working out wonderfully, so the tiny Canon i-70 from my college days has been retired. I’m considering eBaying it, as well as an old 35 mm point and shoot Lexio camera also from college days. Of course, that means I’d have to overcome my aversion to eBay that marks me an internet troglodyte. It’s really time to get over that.

Happily, returning the ink for the printer to Staples was easy as (eating) cake: I’ve now got a $25 Staples cash card to go with a $6 ink cartridge recycling credit. Perhaps this can go toward a new external hard drive for a friend. I just need a good sale + rebate to combine with the cash + credit. 

Chegg processed refunds on the two textbooks they failed to send me, and the third book finally arrived so we’re set on that front.

A failed rebate postcard goes back out tomorrow with proof that my purchase was indeed valid. Perhaps they’ll pay up this time around.

2 Responses to “Playing collections agent”

  1. The new listing and final value pricing with ebay is terrible. If you can sell it via Craigslist, you’d make more money than fleabay’s rip-off.

    Not sure what kind of rebate you submitted, but sometimes a simple call giving the upc number over the phone works or faxing in the proof, though mail is likely cheaper. i had to call at&t for my dad’s bluetooth rebate from may. there was no record but i asked for the manager, explained the situation nicely and asked if he could simply just validate the rebate. he sure did!

  2. Revanche says:

    SF MM: I’ll try CL first, then, I hate wasting my time on a ripoff.

    I’ll follow up with a phone call in a few days, give them time to receive and process the rebate again just in case they’ll put it through this time.

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